Bread snack production equipment

Ukrtechnofoods manufactures bread snack production equipment (bublik, baranka, sushka and small sushka) based on tunnel ovens of different configuration and degree of automation.



Our sushka and baranka production equipment:

  • fully meets modern production requirements;
  • provides labor savings due to the high automation;
  • fully comply with European equipment requirements for food industry and is confirmed by certificates of appropriate sample;
  • includes only high quality components and spare parts;
  • provides high quality products;
  • easy to use.


Bread snack production line (bublik, baranka, sushka) can be:

1without proof chamber, as a rule, in the production of sushka and small sushka
with direct proof conveyor chamber
with proof chamber based on ribbon conveyor in order to save areas


Configuration of sushka production equipment depends on operation diagram and project budget. Dough proofer can be installed at customer`s option, is intended to provide controllable process of dough fermentation under conditions of required temperature and humidity.  However, if the task is to produce high quality bread snack products with intense organoleptic properties and excellent appearance, it is highly recommended to use the proof chamber in the production.

As for configuration, a layout for bread snack production equipment can be projected in the following versions:

  • Lines with in-line placement of equipment;
  • Lines with L-shaped and U-shaped placement of equipment;
  • Combined diagram of equipment placement depending on room size.

You get a full range of services:

  1. development of project of equipment layout in customer’s premises, including supply pipelines plan;
  2. visit of specialist to the company;
  3. installation and adjustment of equipment;
  4. staff training;
  5. spare parts delivery and service maintenance.





Rubbing machine is intended for compaction and removing of air bubbles from dough, at this dough is run several times through the grooved drums to reduce the thickness at every step.




Dividing and forming machine is intended for automatic dough dividing and forming of dough pieces. Depending on replaceable forming unit it is possible to produce bread rings and other types of doughnut-shaped bread rolls (bublik, baranka, chelnochek, sushka and small sushka). The number of forming and dividing machines installed on the line depends on its capacity. Machine placement is carried out according to the layout of premises and set of equipment.

Conveyor system with oven loader is intended for collection and transportation of dough pieces from forming machines to the oven as well as placing of them directly on the hearth. Dimensions and construction of system depends on line’s capacity and its components.


Scalding chamber is installed on the loading part of the oven and intended for processing of surface layers of dough pieces with hot steam in order to provide a glossy shiny surface.




Electric tunnel oven is intended for baking of final product, the oven size depends on capacity and components of the line.





Steam generator is intended for steam supply on the scalding chamber in the automatic mode.





System of cooling and accumulation conveyors is designed individually for each client, its construction depends on size and layout of premises, placement of technological and supporting equipment, production features and additional requirements of customer.



Options of production organization with direct feeding of the formed product to the oven’s hearth:

  • In-line layout with straight dough proofer;
  • In-line layout with spiral conveyor;
  • L-, U-shaped layout with straight dough proofer;
  • L-,-U-shaped layout with spiral conveyor.