For confectionery companies, dealing with production of cakes, Ukrtechnofoods manufactures the range of equipment for the automation of the following confectionery production process:

Application of this equipment allows companies to:

  • reduce the number of staff;

  • minimize the influence of human factor;

  • essentially increase the productivity.

Equipment fully complies with the EU requirements and standards on hygiene and safety, has CE quality certificate.  The company provides a full range of works on development, delivery of equipment and technical support, including:

  •  visit of specialist to the company;
  •  installation and adjustment of equipment;
  •  spare parts delivery and service maintenance.

  •  development of project of equipment layout in customer`s premises, including supply pipelines plan;

  •  staff training;

Equipment for cake production

Line for the production of bases for Medovik” and “Napoleon” type cakes ;

Line for the production of bases for Medovik” and “Napoleon” type cakes produces the semi-finished product in a form of round and rectangular dough pieces and feeds them to the baking trays for the following baking.


Swiss roll production line

Swiss roll production line provides the production of Swiss rolls with various fillings made of the ready baked dough pieces.

Sponge cake production line;

Sponge cake production line produces the semi-finished product of base biscuit dough in a form of baked biscuit layer of the required size.