Lavash machine for small business (rolling unit and lavash oven)

If there is a demand for high-quality lavash in not large amounts in your region we recommend you to start your own business with a small lavash machine.

Due to great experience in production of lavash we managed to create an optimal set of machines which fully complies with all technical and hygienic standards and has long service life.

UkrTechnoFoods company offers an efficient and profitable set for manual lavash production – lavash making machine with the capacity 150 pcs/h.

Success in this type of business depends on several important factors: a quality of product itself and a return on an investment. Consumers of lavash are exacting enough to the taste qualities of the product, therefore, it is crucial to apply appropriate recipes and use high quality equipment in the production.

Lavash making machine and lavash oven
Lavash machine
Lavash making machine
Lavash machine-2

Offered lavash making machine is one of the most practical variants of the equipment for lavash production, which intended for the manual work. With this set of machines you can produce lavash which:

  • is of a high quality and does not differ from the traditional tonir lavash;
  • could be of various shapes due to a use of technological “pillows” of different configurations;
  • has a long shelf-life;
  • is in demand both in trade networks and fast-food chains;

Our set of bread machines for lavash production has a whole number of advantages:

  • minimal investments are required for a production setup;
  • full set of machines allows you to start easily and establish a profitable business in a short period of time;
  • set of equipment allows you to produce different kind of products, including round and oval lavash.

Rolling machine for lavash Lavash machine-rolling machine

Lavash ovenOven for lavash production

We will be happy to help our customers with organization of lavash business and we will:

  • complete production with machines;
  • train staff;
  • provide with consultations;
  • provide with all recipes needed;
  • provide with technical support during all service life of the machines.

Workshop for manual lavash production could be additionally completed with the following equipment:

Lavash making machine-3
Lavash making machine-2
Lavash machine-3

UkrTechnoFoods also provides automatic lavash equipment with wide range of capacity for food industry.