Semiautomatic lavash production line

UkrTechnoFoods offers the semiautomatic lavash production line. Investments in line are rapidly repaid owing to the production volumes and shortening of the labor expenditures. With this set you can produce 40-80 kg of lavash per hour or 500-700 pcs. of lavash per hour depending on the chosen line.

Lavash production process requires honed skills during forming and a lot of manual work. But in case of using our equipment for lavash production instead of diligent manual labor profitability and capacity are greatly increased and a quality of the final product is significantly improved.

Lavash production line manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods was developed in such way that its price is less than prices of the world analogs whereas the quality of lavash is steadily higher. A number of employees, required for production, depends on the organization of operation and a set of equipment of the line.

We provide our customers with the unique service package which includes technical maintenance and information support for the whole period of the operation of our lavash production line.

Lavash production-scheme

Lavash production line
Lavash production lines
Lavash production line

Semiautomatic lavash production lines manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods:

  • perfectly match the needs of medium-size enterprises;
  • could be completed up to the fully automatic line in case of further expansion of production;
  • allow producing traditional oval-shaped lavash;
  • do not require unsurpassed skills of bakers;
  • provide high quality of the final products, which have both a good taste and a nice appearance.
Lavash production line
Lavash production line
Lavash production line

Lavash production line completely corresponds to all modern technical standards, safety rules and hygienic regulations. During development of this line UkrTechnoFoods relied on the own practical experience in this field of food industry trying to create equipment for lavash production, price of which allows starting business with low investments. Due to our knowledge of all details of the production technology, we managed to design the set of machines, which significantly decreases initial investments and production costs.

Width of oven’s hearth, mm 450 750 650
Capacity, kg 50 80 80
Installed capacity, kW 51 68 72
Power consumption , kW 40±10% 50±10% 50±10%
Production area, m2 50

Semiautomatic line on the basis of the oven with the width of hearth 450 mm, Capacity 500 pcs./50 kg/h

Semiautomatic line on the basis of the oven with the width of hearth 750 mm, Capacity 700 pcs./70 kg/h

Lavash production lineSemiautomatic lavash production lines fully comply with European Union requirements to the equipment for food industry. We provide our clients from the European Union with conformity certificates according to EU Directives.

If you would like to start production of lavash and do not know how to start – just contact our specialists. We will help you to complete production in full, we will provide you with machinery, recipes, technology and training of staff. We know all the fine points of lavash production as we are not only lavash equipment producers but also lavash producers, and we know perfectly how to get the economic effect by reducing net cost and improving the quality of the product.

The great advantage of our semiautomatic line is the possibility to rearrange production in the future in order to enlarge product range and/or increase productivity. We can help you to complete your line and make it fully automatic taking into account all your requirements and wishes.

In order to get more information about the equipment, delivery, price range and service, feel free to contact our managers in any convenient way.