Automatic short-cut pasta line with the capacity 750 kg/h

The modern short-cut pasta line, developed and designed by UkrTechnoFoods’ specialists, has the capacity 750 kg/h and meets all requirements of the market. It has a number of advantages:

  • high quality of the final product: matt, thick-walled pasta with excellent taste;
  • short-cut pasta lines are intended for the operation in a round-the-clock mode;
  • as a raw material it is possible to use hard-wheat flour (durum, semolina etc.), soft-wheat flour and their mixture;
  • pasta drying machine could be operated on electricity, gas or solid fuel;
  • due to high automation one operator is enough for the production process implementation;
  • low energy consumption of the line owing to energy-saving technology application allows reducing the cost price of pasta;
  • high quality of equipment is reached by using modern components and materials; equipment complies with all hygienic and safety standards.
Pasta lines
Short-cut pasta line
Short-cut pasta lines-2
Short-cut pasta line-2

Optionally short-cut pasta lines could be completed with the following equipment:

  • automatic device for flour transferring from silos to flour sifter;
  • extruder’s body cooling mechanism with closed contour;
  • PLC-controllers of the pressing machine and drying complex;
  • solid fuel boiler;
  • gas industrial heat generator;
  • packaging complex;
  • additional extrusion dies for different pasta shapes;
  • extrusion die cleaning mechanism;
  • bag tilter.
Short-cut pasta line-3
Short-cut pasta lines-3
Short-cut pasta lines-4

Technical features of short-cut pasta lines:

  • using of high-speed two-stage mixing during dough preparation provides good rheological properties of dough;
  • covering of the drying chamber with sandwich-panels with steel coating prevents heat losses;
  • safety systems protect drives of belts from overloading;
  • two-stage drying process is implemented in a gentle mode providing further intactness of products;
  • automatic batching of ingredients allows keeping stable quality of the product;
  • a special batcher intended for liquid and paste additions is foreseen;
  • principle of deep vacuuming in the press allows to remove the air from the dough much better.

Nowadays pasta manufacturing process is impossible without using of technological innovations.

Powerful and productive production line, designed by UkrTechnoFoods, meets the requirements of the modern market. Pasta production technology on this line doesn’t require lots of labour. As an energy source electricity, gas and solid fuel could be used. It allows producing pasta that fully complies with customers’ needs.

We will be happy to give an advice to you about our pasta equipment.

Knowledge and experience of UkrTechnoFoods’ specialists gave an opportunity to create the short-cut pasta line, the price of which is lower than the price of the world analogs but the operation quality is at the same level.

UkrTechnoFoods provides support and accompaniment for the whole period of the machine exploitation. In case of correct and timely maintenance a complex could operate during almost the unlimited time.

In order to get more information about our tortilla production line, contact us in any convenient way.

Specifications of the pasta production line with the capacity 750 kg/h

Capacity, kg/h


Water consumption for dough, l/h


Drying time, hours


Overall dimensions (length * width * height), mm

38600 * 3500 * 5100

Installed capacity, kW


Power consumption, kW


Installed capacity of the boiler, kсal/h


Power consumption of the boiler, kсal/h