Taralli and grissini (breadstick) production line installation in Ukraine

In September 2015 UkrTechnoFoods’ specialists installed the first taralli machine and grissini (breadstick) machine in Ukraine.

Our company successfully realized the complex turnkey project: from the development of technological equipment layout in the customer’s production premises to the commissioning of the taralli and grissini production line.

Production of taralli and grissini on our line is made according to the classical technological process and original Italian recipe, what gives an opportunity to get the high-class products with traditional taste.


The line includes:

  1. Dough ribbon extruder.
  2. Dough stacker.
  3. Feeding conveyor.
  4. Extruder with the device for twisting and placing products on trays.
  5. Scalding chamber with steam utilizing device.
  6. Tunnel oven with the net conveyor belt (width 900-2100 mm).

Italian bread snacks, which had received a wide acceptance in Europe long time ago, nowadays are becoming more and more popular in CIS countries. This segment of the market is not occupied yet, that’s why producers, which made a decision to start the production of a new product or set up a successful business with help of our taralli machine and grissini(breadstick) machine, have a great opportunity to skim the cream and receive big profits.


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