Biscuit production lines

Equipment for confectionary production
Automatic lines for biscuit production

UTF GROUP is the leader in the manufacturing of equipment for the production of biscuit, including the most commercially attractive products in this segment – sugar and hard biscuit.

High-performance automated production ensures output with minimal net cost

Minimal operating costs are ensured due to modern technical solutions, high-quality components and modern approaches to energy efficiency

Individual line layout is developed for maximum compliance with the customer’s needs, manufactured range and production facility planning

Automatic line for the production of soft biscuit

Lines with capacity from 100 to 1000 kg/h

Production of sugar biscuit of various shapes, sizes, patterns on the surface and flavors with a quick transition from one type of product to another

Automatic line for hard biscuit production

Lines with capacity from 300 to 1200 kg/h

Fermentation chambers and horizontal dough laminators for minimal use of chemical additives

Prompt change of manufactured products due to the use of quick-changeable drum of the forming machine

UTF GROUP lines give an advantage on the biscuit market
UTF GROUP lines give an advantage on the biscuit market

Due to ease of manufacture, high demand and long shelf life, the biscuit market is highly competitive. And the best results are shown by companies that provide a combination of high quality and low production costs.

The high performance, reliability and energy efficiency of the UTF GROUP lines along with the lower cost of the equipment provide the greatest competitive advantages in the production of biscuits.

Biscuit production line from UTF GROUPBiscuit production line from UTF GROUP
Biscuit production line from UTF GROUPBiscuit production line from UTF GROUP

Hard biscuit production in an automated mode requires automating the processes of dough preparation (including the process of its fermentation), obtaining the dough ribbon (including forming, calibration and lamination) and forming dough pieces (cutting them out of the dough ribbon).

Sugar biscuit production is much simpler, the forming of dough pieces is made directly from the dough on the forming machine, the replaceable drum of which directly forms the piece.

The baking process is ensured by a universal confectionery tunnel oven, which, due to several temperature zones and a wide range of regulation, ensures an optimal baking process for any kind of biscuit.

Due to this, it is possible to manufacture universal lines for sugar and hard biscuit production, in these lines two forming parts operate on one oven.

Improving the efficiency of existing industries
Improving the efficiency of existing industries

For existing productions one of the possible ways to increase efficiency is to partially upgrade the line while preserving part of the existing equipment, what allows reducing the amount of investments while retaining the advantages provided by the new equipment.

UTF GROUP equipment provides effective joint operation with equipment from other manufacturers, if necessary, integrating it into a single control system.

The equipment to be replaced is determined individually, our experts will help determine the volume of the required upgrade, which will provide the necessary increase in production efficiency at minimal cost.