Breadsticks production machines


UTF-GROUP manufactures a wide range of equipment for the production of snacks, including various types of breadsticks.

Machines for the production of BREADSTICKS

The dough strands are formed on a roller extruder, dough is pressed through quick-detachable spinnerets, which determine the diameter of the dough strand (and therefore the diameter of the breadsticks). After the forming, dough strands are fed by a mesh conveyor into a bath with heated soda solution. After the soda bath, dough strands are cut by a transverse knife into pieces of the given length.

Formed dough pieces are fed into a tunnel oven for baking. The oven has three temperature zones for optimal baking.

After the baking ready breadsticks enter the cooling conveyors and are fed to the packaging after the cooling.

Equipment for the production of breadsticks from UTF-GROUP:
  • reduction or elimination of manual labor
  • high performance
  • delicate dough processing
  • production of breadsticks of various length and diameters
  • quick change of the size of dough piece
  • high standard of hygiene

  • Breadsticks (solomka) appeared and became popular in the former Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th century. Originally, they were only sweet, but over the time, many other varieties appeared – salty, vanilla, with various sprinkles (salt, seeds, sesame, etc.) and others.
    Currently, breadsticks not only retained their position but also began to gain popularity in other countries.


  • One of the features of the technological process of manufacturing breadsticks is the use of soda bath through which dough strands pass. After the baking a soda solution heated up to 80-90 °C gives the breadsticks a distinctive pleasant golden color and gloss.


  • For the production of breadsticks, UTF-GROUP has developed a machine that performs all operations for producing dough pieces of breadsticks.

  • Installed on a single frame machine for dough strands forming, soda bath, sprinkling device and guillotine allow getting breadsticks dough pieces of any types and sizes.

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