Lavash production line was put into operation in Germany

Automatic line for lavash production AL-130 was put in operation in Düsseldorf.

Automatic line for lavash production is put into operation in Lviv

  Lviv company joined the leading Ukraininan lavash producers. In January 2018 the automatic line for lavash production with the

Automatic lavash production line for Sweden

    UkrTechnoFoods has manufactured the automatic line for the production of lavash with a capacity of 100 kg/h for

UkrTechnoFoods company presents the highest capacity lavash production line in the world

    The unique line for thin lavash production with the capacity of 500 kg/h was put into operation on

Commissioning of automatic line for tortilla production is carried out near Kiev

    One more tortilla production line with the capacity of 1500 pcs/h was put into operation by our company