Biscuit production line

Biscuit is one of types of confectionery products which is of daily consumption what ensures a stable demand and the high profitability of its production.

UkrTechnoFoods is one of the leaders in production of biscuit equipment, including those for the most commercially attractive products in this segment – soft and hard biscuits.

 Hard biscuit is the second type of widely produced and consumed biscuit. Low calorie and low sugar and fat content make it very popular among women and those who are keeping fit. Also, the popularity of this type of biscuit is caused by relatively long shelf life.

Automatic line for hard biscuit production manufactured by “UkrTechnoFoods”, despite the complexity of technological process due to the use of innovative solutions, provides a high quality of finished product and gives an opportunity to produce a wide range of hard biscuits in large scales.

 Soft biscuits occupy the main part of biscuit market. High taste qualities and low price as well as long-standing traditions of their consumption, according to which sugar biscuits are considered as the best sweet complement to tea or coffee, indicate that this trend will remain the same far in the future.

Automatic line for soft biscuits production offered by “UkrTechnoFoods” is easy, reliable and at the same time high-performance equipment, which allows producing all kinds of sugar biscuits.

Biscuit production line from “UkrTechnoFoods”

  • automatic biscuit production lines manufactured by us provide excellent quality, high capacity and a wide range of products;
  • the maximum exclusion of human factor ensures consistent quality of the finished product, significantly reduces the rejection rate and lowers production costs;
  • high reliability due to up-to-date technical solutions, the use of high quality components and materials allows using of biscuit manufacturing equipment in the round-the-clock mode what ensures a high daily capacity and reduces the payback period;
  • our equipment for Biscuit production line is economically advantageous. Thanks to unique technologies, the cost of “UkrTechnoFoods” equipment is vast lower than the world analogues;
  • the application of quick-detachable forming rotors and frequency converters for drive control allow producing a wide range of types and sizes of biscuits on one unit of equipment;
  • equipment for biscuit production fully complies with hygiene and safety requirements and standards of the European Union and has a European quality certificate.