Hard biscuit and cracker manufacturing line

Automatic line for hard biscuit production manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods provides an opportunity to produce a wide range of biscuits: “Maria”, “Petit Beurre, “Animal biscuit”, sweet and salty crackers etc.

Hard biscuit have a distinct flaky structure, insignificant brittleness and swelling ability. Due to the low content of sugar and butter biscuit dough of this type quickly obtains its original shape, which determines the features of forming of pieces – out of a multilayer dough ribbon.

Different kinds of hard biscuit are distinguished by the recipe and dough preparation, as well as the baking parameters. The opportunity of flexible adjustment of the equipment for hard biscuit from UkrTechnoFoods allows producing different types of biscuits on the one automatic line.

Forming line with capacity 1200 kg/h, working width – 1200 mm (*)

1. Stiff dough kneading machine

2. Conveyor proof (fermentation) chamber

3. Dough dividing unit (for portions)

4. Feeding conveyor

5. Extruder

6. Laminator

7. Three-modular rolling machine

8. Forming machine

9. Electric tunnel oven

10. Rotary conveyor

11. Cooling conveyor

12. Stacker

Video of the line operation

3D model of forming line

Ready project at customer’s premises 2017

Fermentation chamber (inside)

Dough output from extruder

Dough ribbon laminator

Forming line with a capacity up to 600 kg/h, working width – 800 mm

Advantages of hard biscuit and crackers manufacturing plant:

  • The automatic control system allows maintaining a stable supply of dough into the extruder, regardless of a capacity of the line and product it makes.
  • The design of the laminator allows getting 8 to 16 layers of dough according to the classical technology, in which the dough after each rolling on the stage of lamination passes the process of maturation for tension removing.
  • Adjustment of the number of layers is simple and convenient, it is made from the operator’s panel and does not require mechanical regulations.
  • New design of forming unit of the hard biscuit manufacturing line allows the quick and convenient replacement of rotor in case of switch to the other product.
  • It is possible to install additional equipment for sprinkling of product with bulk ingredients.

Additional equipment of hard biscuit manufacturing line:

  • Bulk ingredients sprinkling device (salt, for example)
  • Oil sprayer
  • Cooling and accumulation conveyors, stacker for biscuits

You get a full range of services:

  • development of project of equipment layout in customer’s premises, including supply pipelines plan;
  • visit of specialist to the company;
  • installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • staff training;
  • spare parts delivery and service maintenance.

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Automatic line consists of the following equipment for hard biscuit production:

1. Dough batcher is intended for dough feeding process automation. Batcher performs the function of receiving, preliminary rolling, uniform distribution along the width and feeding of dough into the bunker of extruder for maintenance of continuous operation of the line.

The increased volume of the receiving hopper reduces the number of operations for the loading of dough.

Preliminary rolling allows obtaining a uniform structure and density of dough on the initial stage, what has a positive effect on product quality.

Dough distribution along the width ensures a uniform filling of the extruder’s hopper, what guarantees the high quality of dough ribbon at the output.

1*. Fermentation chamber intends for the automation of the dough fermentation process.

Chamber provides receiving of dough, optimal conditions for its fermentation, dough dividing for the portioned pieces with the following feeding of them into extruder for dough ribbon forming.

Due to creating and stable maintenance of temperature and humidity parameters the process of fermentation is very close to natural, what allows producing the highest quality product with a minimum use of chemical additives.

Fermentation chamber is indispensable in terms of high-capacity production and production with strict requirements to the presence of additives.

2. Extruder is intended for the forming of dough ribbon of the required thickness.

Special three-shaft design of the extruder provides the uniform dough ribbon at the output, at the same time compacting it at maximum and removing the air. Working width of the extruder could be from 600 mm to 1200 mm, it is defined by a capacity of the line and by a length of tunnel oven’s baking chamber.

Reinforcement of separate units’ design significantly increases durability of equipment.

3. Automatic horizontal laminator is intended for imparting a flaky structure to the product.

Quality of the final product, its brittleness and friability are defined by the correct dough lamination.

Maturation provides more elastic dough structure, what enables an easier rolling, dough retains its shape better, has a uniform porosity in the break and, as a result, the appearance of the finished product is improved.

4. Three-modular rolling machine is intended for the delicate rolling of dough ribbon down to the required thickness with maintaining the obtained dough structure.

At the same time due to multiple rolling the quality and plasticity of dough are increased and internal tensions, connected with dough processing, are removed.

5. Rotary cutter is intended for getting the pieces of biscuits out of the dough ribbon.

The forming rotor provides the fulfillment of this process by cutting down the pieces of a set shape, size and surface pattern. Additionally, forming rotor has pins for dough pieces puncturing, it punctures them through, providing the coming out of gases formed during baking, thereby preventing swelling.

Pneumatic system of pressing of dough ribbon to the rotor ensures a stable quality of dough pieces. After cutting a separating of dough pieces and dough offcuts (appeared during the forming of dough pieces) is made and then dough offcuts are fed into a hopper of the extruder for the repeated use by the conveyor system.

6. Tunnel oven is intended for the baking of biscuits. Hearth of the oven is made of wire mesh. Width of hearth depends on the dough ribbon width. In case of L-shaped placement of equipment width of hearth could be up to 2 m.
7. Rotary conveyor, conveyors, stacking

Cooling of final products and preparing them for the packaging is made on the system of conveyors.

The system may include cooling and accumulation conveyors, final product stacking devices and other components. Size and configuration of conveyor system depends on the room planned for placement of equipment, type of packaging and wishes of customer.

Accordingly, the equipment set of the line can be used as equipment for crackers production too.

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Hard biscuit, galettes and crackers production technology

Equipment for the crackers production and Hard biscuits for various types, as for any other long cookies, is technologically the same. The output of different types of products depends on the recipes and settings of machines on the production line (temperature mode, dough maturing, number of layers, final shape, etc.).

Technologic process of preparing biscuits and crackers and short dough cookie is the same:

  • kneading;
  • fermentation dough;
  • dough line forming and its repeated lamination;
  • forming of biscuit pieces;
  • baking process;
  • oil spraying and adding salt (for crackers);
  • cooling.

The difference in the recipe of the galette and cracker. Types of hard biscuit.

Cracker contains more fats, in the dough loose ingredients (sesame, poppy, etc.) can be added, very often the surface is processed with sunflower, olive or special oil. A special device is provided for this.
Galette is dry flat crusty bread. Galettes are made without sugar and fat or with a small amount of them. Galettes look similar to hard biscuit but they are thicker.
Some of the most popular names of hard biscuit in the world are Marie biscuit, Petit-Beurre, Garibaldi biscuit, Animal cracker and Rich tea.
Rolling, maturing and creating a layered structure of the dough is done in an automatic horizontal laminator. In it, two dough ribbons are laid one on a top of the other and rolled several times with the ensuring maturing on the conveyor in the interval between processes of rolling. After that, the dough ribbon is laid in layers on the output conveyor with the formed layer turned through 90 °, creating a flaky structure.
After the laminator, the dough ribbon is fed to a three-head rolling machine, where it is rolled to a thickness of 2.5-4.0 mm.
The workpieces are manufactured on a rotary machine, on which a quick-changing forming rotor cuts the pieces from the dough ribbon. The excess dough is separated from the pieces and returned to the extruder.
If necessary, the pieces are sprinkled with loose ingredients.Baking of the product is made on a tunnel oven. Modes, temperature and baking time depend on the properties and dimensions of the products, as well as the level of filling of the hearth.
Immediately after the baking, the biscuit can be sprayed with oil or other fatty products, which is required in the production of certain types of biscuits, for example, crackers.
After exiting the oven, the finished product is cooled on a conveyor system, then fed to the stacking and packaging.
Automatic line for hard biscuit production of UkrTechnoFoods company allows you to equip a full cycle of cracker production, the production of galette biscuits or any other type of biscuit.
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