Equipment for bread ring production

UkrTechnoFoods produces equipment for production of bread rings on the basis of tunnel ovens of various configurations and automation level.

Equipment set of the line:

1. Dough kneading machines

2. Rubbing machine 

3. Rolling and dividing machines

4. Proofing conveyor

5. Rotary conveyor

6. Scalding chamber

7. Steam generator

8. Tunnel oven

9. Cooling conveyor

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Purchasing UTF equipment you get the full range of services:

  • individual development of equipment placement project, including supply of communications;
  • engineer’s visit to the enterprise;
  • installation and commissioning works;
  • training of staff;
  • spare parts delivery and service.

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High level of automation

Automation of technological processes provides high capacity, exclusion of manual work, stable quality of the products, and minimum number of staff.

Wide range of oven regulation

Control system provides temperature and baking time regulation in a wide range what allows producing different types of bread rings.

Sprinkling with loose components

It is possible to install the device for sprinkling product with loose ingredients (poppy seeds, sesame, etc.) what allows expanding the range of products.

Basic set of equipment of line for bread rings production (bublic, bagel, tiny bagels):

Rubbing machine is intended for compaction of dough, removing air bubbles from dough, at this dough passes through ribbed drums reducing thickness several times.
Forming rolling and dividing machine is designed for automatic dividing and forming dough pieces for different types of bread rings. On this machine standard changeable units are used to form various size dough pieces in order to widen the range of products.

The number of machines installed on the line depends on its capacity.

Placement of machines is made according to a plan of production premises and equipment set of the line.

Conveyor system with loader is intended for collecting and transporting dough pieces from the forming machines to the oven, as well as laying of them directly on the hearth of the oven. Sizes and design of system depend on capacity and set of the line.

Scalding chamber is installed at the loading part of the oven and is intended for processing of the surface layer s of dough piece with a hot steam what allows obtaining a shiny glossy surface.
Steam generator is intended for supply of steam to the scalding chamber in the automatic mode.
Electric tunnel oven is intended for baking of product, sizes of the oven depend on capacity and set of the line.
Cooling and accumulation conveyor system is developed individually for every customer; its design depends on a plan of production premises, placement of technological and auxiliary equipment, production features, and additional requirements of the customer.

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Bread ring products are popular on the CIS markets and getting more and more popular in other countries. This classic kind of Slavic folk pastry has a number of advantages. In their list – high nutritional value and long shelf life. If we add to this the simplicity of production and the high prices of finished products in relation to the cost of raw materials, then the production of bread rings becomes one of very attractive investments.

There are lots of different types and sizes of bread rings.

The technology of production of such products traditionally uses bakery machinery and specialized equipment for the production. It includes:
• preparation of raw materials and dough batch;
• its rubbing and proofing;
• forming of products;
• their proofing;
• baking;
• cooling and removal of finished products;
• packing.

UkrTechnoFoods company invented an innovative technology of production of bread rings, what allows reducing and simplifying of the production process. Such bread snack production line uses steam processing of dough pieces, what allows avoiding proofing and rubbing of dough. In addition, if the classical production line uses labor for up to 10 people, then this technology, due to a high degree of automation, requires only 1-2 employees serving it at the stage of preparation of dough. The rest of the manufacturing process takes place automatically.

It should be noted that the temperature variability of the oven allows it to be adjusted for the production of all kinds of bread rings, as well as other bread snacks and biscuits. It is equipped with a steam chamber and a steam utilizing device. Steam processing allows you to get bread rings with attractive shiny surface.

The basic equipment includes:
• unit for dough kneading;
• machine, forming products (rolling and dividing);
• tunnel oven,
• steam generator;
• conveyor, on which the cooling of finished products is made.

For the preparation of dough and packaging of the finished products, the following equipment can be added to the complex:
• bag tilting device;
• flour sifter for the preparation of basic raw materials;
• fat melting device;
• scales;
• bowl tilting device;
• automatic or semi-automatic packaging machine.

The configuration of the line allows the installation of a different number of forming machines, what makes it possible to increase the output of products. Their number can be increased up to two, three or five units.

High productivity at low labor costs, as well as high quality of finished products make this technology extremely profitable.

Just contact UkrTechnoFoods specialists – and you will be provided with all the technical details of the operation of the newest line for the production of bread rings. The specialists of the company will give detailed advice on the production technology.

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