Éclair and profiterole production line

Automatic line for éclair and profiterole production manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods is intended for the production of different types of confectionery made of choux pastry.  

Set of equipment:

1. Screw pump with feeding piping

2. Depositing machine

3. Convectional tunnel oven

4. Automatic removing and positioning device

5. Device for filling injection and fondant application

6. Detachable device

7. Loose ingredients sprinkling device

8. Packaging conveyor

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Éclair and profiterole production line can be completed with:

• a screw pump for feeding the dough into the hopper of the depositing machine, which makes it easy to feed the dough to the height of the hopper;

• the device for automatic removal of products from the hearth of the oven and their positioning for subsequent operations;

• step-by-step plate conveyor for ensuring the feeding of products to automatic filling devices;

• the device for filling injection and fondant application from above is intended for automatic filling of the internal part of product made of choux pastry with a paste-type filling and simultaneous applying of fondant to the upper surface of the product;

• the device for automatic removal of products from the step-by-step conveyor;

• the device for sprinkling finished products with loose ingredients (crushed peanuts, sesame, etc.);

• conveyors for the feeding of finished products for packaging.

Video of the line for éclair and profiterole production

Specifications of the line

Capacity, kg/h 50±10%
Installed capacity, kW 83
Working temperature of the baking chamber, °С 180-210
Compressed air consumption, l/min 20
Overall dimensions (length*width*height), mm 11300*1700*2000


Technical features of the line:

 Depositing on the moving hearth of the oven

Due to depositing of dough pieces on the moving metal hearth of the oven a high capacity of the line is ensured.

Control system based on PLC-controller

Operating system based on PLC-controller with Touchscreen provides convenient control of the line by the only one operator.

Automatic operation mode

Production is made in the fully automatic mode what allows preventing the influence of human factor and manual work as well as ensures a stable quality of the final product.

Optimal conditions for baking

Tunnel oven construction provides choux pastry raising, smooth surface of the product without breakings and its easy transferring from the oven’s belt.

Ability to work on shortcrust pastry

The replacement of the hopper and the rolls of the depositing machine provides a possibility of making products out of shortcrust pastry.

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Equipment set of the éclair and profiterole line


  • Depositor is intended for forming of choux pastry dough pieces of «Éclair» and «Profiterole» by depositing them onto the tunnel oven belt.
  • Forming machine in the process of depositing moves back and forth along the conveyor belt.
  • Shape of pieces is provided by moving of the head during depositing.
  • Shaft reverse system at the end of depositing cycle allows avoiding dough dropping.


Tunnel oven

Tunnel oven for éclair baking provides optimal baking conditions of choux pastry pieces due to appliance of three temperature zones of baking and system of forced air convection.

The oven is completed with:

– pneumatic tension and centering system of conveyor belt;

– cleaning systems of metal conveyor belt from the both sides;

– oil lubrication unit of metal conveyor belt;

– metal conveyor belt of Sandvik company production (Sweden).

Operation principle

The choux pastry is supplied into hopper of screw type pump which feds dough through the piping into hopper of depositor. The depositor molds dough pieces onto the moving belt of tunnel oven. The machine shuttles along the moving conveyor of the tunnel oven concurrently.

In the tunnel oven the baking process is made. At the exit from the oven there is a zone of intensive cooling with enclosure that effectively reduces the temperature of baked products.

After the cooling products can be taken off from the oven by hand for the following filling in a manual mode or they can be positioned and installed in the cells of lamellar step by step conveyor with help of special removing device.

Conveyor feeds them to the automatic device for filling injection and fondant application from above, after that the removing device moves products to the conveyor for their sprinkling with loose ingredients.

Finished products are fed to the conveyor for their pre-packing and packaging.

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