Line for the production of bases for Medovik” and “Napoleon” type cakes

 Machinery is intended for manufacturers of cakes and baked confectionery semi-finished products.

Theline allows producing round and rectangular dough pieces made of  shortcrust or puff pastry. The dough pieces are used for the production of cakes such as “Medovik” and “Napoleon”, and as baked confectionery semi-finished products for them.

Size and shapes of cutting drums are determined by customer`s requirements.

The complete line includes:

1. Flour duster

2. Extruder

3. Rolling pin with dough

4. Calibrator

5. Combing cylinders

6. Set of disc knives for length cutting

7. Knife mechanism

8. Conveyor for dough scraps removing

9. Cross-cut knife

10. Stacker of dough pieces on trays

Advantages of the cake production line:

1. Working surfaces are made of stainless steel;

2. Polyurethane conveyor belts from the leading global producers (Ammeraal/Habasit/Chiorino);

3. The possibility of quick mechanical adjustment of the gap between the rollers of the calibrator;

4. Smooth control of speed modes of line`s operation by frequency converters of Schneider;

5. Length adjustment of dough pieces.

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Equipment operation video


Optional equipment:

  • stacker on trays (replaces hand stacking to the machine stacking);
  • conveor for dough scraps return to extruder;
  • double calibrator for gentle processing of dough during getting of thin dough pieces;
  • changeable cutting drums manufactured according to sizes required by customer.

*For removing of dough scraps the possibility of using conveyors which the customer already has is provided.


Flour duster


Knife mechanism

Inquiry for equipment set and price

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Production process:

For the production of base (layer) made of shortcrust, “Medovik” type cakes:

  1. dough ribbon formed by extruder pos.1 is passed through the calibrator pos.4 (reducing of the thickness from 1.0 to 5.0mm), combing cylinders pos.5 make punctures if necessary.  After that forming of dough pieces is made (for round pieces – with cutting drum pos.7, for rectangular pieces – with disc knives for length cutting pos.6 and cross-cut knife pos.9). Prepared pieces are placed on a tray manually or with help of stacker pos.10. Removing of dough scraps is provided by a system of conveyors pos.8. In order to prevent the dough sticking to the belt the flour duster pos.2 sprinkles it with flour.
  2. For the production of base (layer) made of puff pastry, “Napoleon” type cakes:

     puff pastry prepared on the dough rolling machine is wound in the form of dough ribbon on the rolling pin pos.3 and it is set in the special brackets. In order to provide continuous feeding the beginning of new ribbon overlaps the end of previous ribbon, and then dough ribbon is fed to the calibrator pos.4. The following operations are similar to the operations for shortcrust pastry.

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