Sponge cake production line

UkrTechnoFoods offers automatic sponge cake production equipment to companies specializing in the production of cakes and other products based on sponge dough. This line allows getting evenly baked spongelayer of a given thickness, providing continuous production of sponge dough – the basis for many popular confectionery products. Our equipment for sponge cakes baking guarantees high quality of the finished product and excellent taste.


Our sponge cake production lines are designed according to the latest technologies, comply with all technological and hygienic standards and can be completed with additional machines depending on the needs of the customer.


Set of equipment of sponge cake production line:

1. Forming machine

2. Tunnel oven with cooling conveyor

3. Layer cutting station

4. Branch conveyor

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Sponge cake production line consists of the following main elements:

Forming machine

This device pours the prepared sponge dough on the hearth of the tunnel oven. The mass level of dough is regulated by a special pump. It also feeds the dough into the tunnel of thespreading machine. The mechanism is designed in such a way that it is possible to carry out technological cleaning as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tunnel oven with cooling conveyor

At this section of the sponge production line, continuous baking and cooling of the dough layer take place. The combination of a bunker oven and a cooling conveyor in one mechanism will make the most efficient use of production areas, as well as speed up the production process. Depending on the desired recipe, you can adjust the baking temperature of the cake, the line provides baking in a wide temperature range. The ovensmanufactured by us are equipped with Sandvik metal conveyor belts or teflon belts produced in Europe. The ovensarecoated with a stainless steel covering.

Cutting station

This is a section of the sponge cake line where the cutting of the ribbon into sheets of a given size is made. Firstly, the edges of the layer are cut to a given width, then – transverse cutting of the cake to a given length is made(the length is regulated in a wide range).

All further processes are related to the production of certain confectionery products. Depending on their recipe, a sponge cake can be impregnated with syrup and applied with the filling. In order to do this, additional spreading, stacking and calibrationmachines are used. The spreading machine distributes the filling over the pieces, which are fed into the stacking section and stacked on top of each other in a given quantity, the upper cake is stacked without filling. In a calibration machine, the ready stack is compressed to the required thickness of the product by a vertical clamp. The last stage on the sponge production line is decorating. At this stage the product is sprinkled with additives (nuts and other bulk components).

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