Glazing line for confectionary products

Line is intended to glaze the different kinds of confectionery products.  The line includes the glazing machine and cooling tunnel.

Set of equipment:

1. Glazing machine.          2. Cooling tunnel.

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The glazing machine is intended to cover the products with glaze.

Equipment features:

Heating of glaze melting vessel is made with the help of water-jacket in order to provide the constant maintenance of fixed temperature. 

Glaze supply from vessel to diffuser is provided by rotating disk.

The glaze is applied with two flat flows along the conveyor`s width in order to ensure the high-quality cover (continuous).  

Air stream blowing with adjustment of flow force allows removing the glaze excesses, providing the uniformity of coverage and adjusting its thickness.


  • Tank of glaze
  • Glaze application unit
  • Blowing unit

Additional options:

  • Decorating unit (is installed instead of glaze application unit)
  • Air heating system for blowing (for big surfaces)

Cooling tunnel is intended for the quick cooling of confectionery products after glazing or decorating.

Equipment features:

  • High capacity refrigerating installation allows achieving the desired temperature conditions during a few minutes and maintain the stable temperature.
  • Tunnel is covered with sandwich panels in order to keep the required temperate inside the chamber.
  • Product cooling is happened forcibly (directly in the tunnel’s chamber evaporators are placed), what essentially reduces overall dimensions of cooling tunnel and enables to economize the production areas saving the perfect appearance of final product.  


  • In our equipment we use high quality conveyor belts of such manufacturers as Ammerall (Netherlands), Habasit (Switzerland), Chiorino (Italy).
  • Refrigerating installation is produced by Omnia Components (Italy).
  • Freon evaporators are made by Luvata ECO (Italy).

Additional options:

  • Belt self-adjustment system (belt position is controlled by photo sensors with a mechanism of pneumatic adjustment of belt position)
  • Tunnel covering is made of stainless steel

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In the production of equipment components of the world`s leading manufacturers from Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Italy are used in order to guarantee the high reliability of operation.

Drive of the line’s movable parts are performed by motor-reducers Transtecno (Italy)

Smooth control of drives is performed with a help of frequency converters Schneider Electric (Germany).

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