Croissant machine


For croissant production UkrtechnoFoods company offers a separate innovative unit of equipment – modern croissant machine. This croissant production line is able to satisfy the needs of both small and big croissant mass productions.

Croissant equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods is intended for the cutting of the dough pieces from a puff pastry dough ribbon and the following forming (twisting) of croissants with high precision and allows making products of different sizes from the dough pieces: from minimal with the weight 15-25 grams to maximal with the weight 80-100 grams.

Due to the special design the equipment could operate both as a separate production unit and in the set of the croissant production line.

Croissant machine works in the fully automatic mode.

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Линия круассана
Машина для производства круассанов
Линия для производства круассанов

Capacity croissant machine, pcs/h

with 3 rows, 80-100 grams of product  1800
with 4 rows, 75-85 grams of product 2400
with 5 rows, 45-65 grams of product 3000
with 6 rows, 25-45 grams of product 3600
with 7 rows, 12-25 grams of product 4200


Key features of croissant making machine:


  • machine is equipped with input conveyor belt with side cutting discs for dough ribbon calibration edgewise and a rolling pair of shafts – a calibrator;
  • calibrator is intended for the regulation of dough ribbon thickness and connecting of dough stripes together, by this providing the continuous working mode;
  • cutting unit implements the cutting of the dough ribbon in two stages, due to that dough doesn’t stick to the cutting rollers; easy and detachable unit of dough pieces cutting enables to make a fast cleaning of the machine and replacement of the set of cutting rollers if you need to produce any size product;
  • working mode of the croissant making machine is regulated by frequency converters;
  • frame of croissant production line is made of stainless steel;
  • croissant maker machine has СЕ certificate.
Оборудование для производства круассанов
Оборудование для выпечки круассанов
Оборудование для производства круассанов цена

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