Dough laminating machine- equipment for dough production

UkrTechnoFoods company develops and manufactures dough laminating machine of different complete set and configurations according to customer’s requirements specification. Dough laminating machine and puff pastry production machinery allow producing perfect quality products on a commercial scale. We will provide you with a set of equipment that takes into account all needs of your production and its specifics. The distinguishing feature of the sheeting line is a possibility of its modernization in future, and the modularity of its design allows perfect adaptation of the complex to any production premises of any enterprise.  

Equipment set of the line:

1. Extruder
2. Calibrator
3. Fat extruder

4. Multiroller

5. Laminator

6. Multiroller

7. Laminator

8. Multiroller

9. Laminator
10. Multiroller
11. Calibrator

12. Conveyor

Advantages of dough sheeting machine manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods:

  • due to multiple rolling dough obtains a perfect flaky structure with a uniform spreading of the fat layer between dough layers what provides of high quality puff pastry dough with 15% fat;
  • the line design allows the production of yeast puff pastry dough without the use of a cooling tunnel;
  • design of the dough sheeting machine is made only according to needs and requirements of a customer; complete set and configuration of the equipment for puff pastry production depend on the required number of layers and available production premises;
  • due to easy access to units and mechanisms contacting with dough easy service and cleaning of equipment is ensured;
  • dough laminating machine is designed in accordance with the requirements of safety exploitation of food machinery, what is confirmed by CE certificate;

Video equipment work

Other equipment for puff pastry production:

  • shock freezing chamber
  • forming equipment for puff pastry
  • croissant machine
  • tunnel oven


You get a full range of services:

  • development of project of equipment layout in customer’s premises, including supply pipelines plan;
  • visit of specialist to the company;
  • installation and adjustment of equipment;
  • staff training;
  • spare parts delivery and service maintenance.

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Automation of the lamination process allows getting the flaky dough of stable quality on commercial scale, at this avoiding the manual work or using of primitive equipment that gives unsatisfactory results.
In the production process our equipment creates a uniform tension in dough, carefully influences the gluten, and evenly spreads a fat layer between dough layers allowing getting a delicate and airy structure of baked products. It is very important factor as the puff pastry product technology is based on the uniform distribution of the fat layer in dough layers.

Dough sheeting line includes following machines:

Dough ribbon extruder 

Dough ribbon calibrator

Fat extruder

Folding units and mechanisms 


Dough ribbon laminator

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