Puff pastry forming equipment 

Line is intended for puff pastry forming. For this a ready dough ribbon, made on dough rolling machines (in case of medium-size production) or on lamination lines (in case of of industrial production), is fed to the forming line. 

Equipment set of the line:

1. Flour sifter
2. Rolling pin with dough
3. Calibrator
4. Cutting unit
5. Humidifier
6. Dry ingredients sprinkling device

7. Filling dozer

8. Filling distributor
9. Forming units
10. Guillotine
Puff pastry forming line is developed in such way that it could be used either as a separate production unit or as a part of complex implementing the full technological cycle starting from puff pastry dough preparing and ending with baking, cooling and packaging of the ready products.

Besides puff pastry, on our lines it is possible to form a wide range of yeast and non-yeast products.

Video equipment work

You get a full range of services:

  •  development of project of equipment layout in customer’s premises, including supply pipelines plan;
  • visit of specialist to the company;
  • installation and adjustment of equipment;
  • staff training;
  • spare parts delivery and service maintenance.

Key features of the line:

  • length of the line depending on the range of products – from 4,5 to 10,0 m;
  • fast transition from one product type to another due to a number of quick-detachable units and mechanisms;
  • convenient speed modes regulation;
  • durable stainless steel construction.

Depending on the type of product, which is going to be produced, line is completed with:

Sprinkling device (raisins, nuts etc.)

Batcher for different types of filling

Twisting device

Rolling device

Notch application device


Puff pastry forming line successfully works both with soft and hard consistence dough.
Puff pastry forming equipment is fully automated. In its production state-of-the-art technologies of food industry are used. Only one operator is enough for successful operation of the line. Complex could be completed with dough production equipment – dough lamination line. Simplicity of the design allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

Depending on the required type of product the line is completed with forming and cutting units

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