UkrTechnoFoods has developed a high-quality filo dough production line, which is a great solution for starting a business in this segment of the market. On the filo dough production line you can get a product, the quality of which is the same as of the product made by hand.


Initially thin dough (phyllo dough) was originated in the Balkan Peninsula and Asia Minor. A distinguish feature of this dough is its thickness, which is 0.3-1 mm. Such products as baklava, samsa, strudels, burek, as well as puff pastry etc. can be made of filo dough.

It is possible to produce filo dough of various sizes, width and thicknesses on our line.

Set of the line:

1. Feeding conveyor

2. Calibrating head

3. Dough stretching device

4. Dough ribbon edge disc cutting knives

5. Dough offcuts removing unit

6. Drying chamber

7. Heating drum

8. Rolling drum

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Calibrating head with feeding conveyor

Dough stretching device

Conveyor table with dough offcuts removing unit

Drying chamber, heating and rolling drum

Features of the semiautomatic line for the production of phyllo dough:

  • the compact design of the line allows it to be placed on a minimal area with the maximum effect;
  • surfaces contacting product are made of stainless steel;
  • equipment can either work independently or be a part of larger lines, which include saturating machines, filling dosing machines, etc.;
  • double-sided heat treatment allows preventing sticking of layers together when winding, at the same time dough retains the ability to absorb syrup, what is important in the production of certain types of products.

The process of filo dough making

The process of making filo dough is mechanized at all stages of production. Forming the dough ribbon is carried out on the dough sheeter. At the initial stages of production, we recommend our customers a semi-automatic line for the production of filo dough. It allows you to work with a rolling pin and use a dough rolling machine that is available in the factory.
Dough ribbon is calibrated for thickness. Dough ribbon with a set thickness is fed to the stretching unit, where it is uniformly stretched in the transverse direction. Then the cutting of the edges is made, and the ready filo dough passes through the drying chamber and is wound onto the take-up drum, then it is removed from the drum and cut into sheets of the required size.

Specifications of filo dough equipment:

Capacity, kg/h 40±10%
Dough ribbon width, mm 850
Dough ribbon thickness, mm до 0,2
Installed capacity, kW 14
Overall dimensions (length*width*height), mm 5850*1120*1500

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