UkrTechnoFoods company has developed the equipment for cake production automation. The first similar line has already been installed and is successfully working on the production of Maltsait GmbH company.

One of the most important functions of the equipment for the food industry is the increase in labor productivity and the quality of the finished product through the automation of technological processes.

The production of “Medovik” and “Napoleon” cakes with the help of the UTF automatic line turns into an automated and highly productive process. The line allows excluding manual labor from the process of manufacturing and laying dough bases, made of the dough ribbon, onto the baking tray, due to its use the dough pieces are manufactured with less weight distribution and productivity increases.

Important features of the equipment for the production of cakes manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods:

The line can form a dough ribbon using an extruder independently or it can use a ready-made dough ribbon from a rolling pin.

It is possible to make dough pieces of any shape (round, rectangular, oval), easy change of knives and cutting drums allows a quick change of the manufactured product. The following products can be made on the line:

  • dough bases for cakes “Medovik”;
  • dough bases for cakes “Napoleon”;
  • bases for pizza;
  • dough pieces for dumplings;
  • dough pieces for varenyky.

Automatic laying on a baking tray or conveyor eliminates the damage of the dough pieces, that often occurs during manual laying, and increases the productivity of the laying process.

The design of the automatic line for the production of dough bases for cakes:

The line consists of the extruder for dough ribbon forming, mounting with rolling pin with dough, forming table with knives for cutting dough pieces and the automatic stacker for laying the dough base on a baking tray or conveyor.
To expand the range of thickness of dough pieces, it is possible to install two calibrators instead of one.