UkrTechnoFoods company designed and manufactured the automatic line for the production of cakes made of choux pastry.

The line was developed by request of the confectionery manufacturer with the aim of automating éclairs and profiteroles preparing process. Automatic filling of cakes was not required.

A feature of the project was the limited dimensions of the workshop.

Our specialists have designed the equipment for a specific room, taking into account the limitations. At the same time, convenient line maintenance, optimal power supply and use of workshop ventilation with minimal modifications were provided.

A universal choux pastry depositor was developed for the line.

It can be used not only for the production of choux pastry cakes. The design provides a convenient replacement of the units, what allows the production of other products: sponge dough (in case of the replacement of the hopper and the installation of the slotted die), shortcake (case of the replacement of the hopper and pumping rolls), or other products, production technology of which includes the forming of pieces directly on the hearth of the oven.


The machine has a reverse shaft at the end of the cycle. It allows avoiding a dropping of dough after the depositing is completed.

The depositing head of the machine moves in two planes (up-down and forward-back along the belt), it is possible to ensure rotation of the nozzles during the depositing process. This allows a production of cakes with various shapes and sizes.

Also for this line a new electric tunnel oven with forced convection was developed. It is equipped with a metal conveyor belt manufactured by Sandvik (Sweden). Due to this the product does not stick to the belt, a reliable and durable operation is ensured.

The oven is equipped with an oil lubrication unit of metal conveyor belt, cleaning systems of metal conveyor belt from the both sides and a pneumatic tension and centering system of conveyor belt.

Air convection and three temperature zones allow providing a high quality of products made of choux pastry. Due to the temperature regulation in each zone a guaranteed dough lift, minimal cracking of the outer surface and compact dimensions of the baking chamber are provided.

The line is controlled by the advanced control system based on an industrial PLC-controller.

The operator monitors and corrects its operation using the touchscreen panel.