Filo dough production lines

Equipment for confectionary production
Filo dough production lines

UTF GROUP is the only company in Eastern Europe that manufactures industrial filo dough production equipment.

Automation of the process of obtaining filo dough ensures the production of products with minimal net cost

High quality of the dough ribbon is ensured by stable thickness parameters and uniform stretching of the dough

Convenient work with the filo dough on subsequent operations is ensured by drying the surfaces, what prevents the from sticking of layers

Automatic line for filo dough production

Capacity up to 100 kg/h

Complete cycle of obtaining the dough on one line

Semi-automatic line for the production of filo dough

Capacity up to 40 kg/h

Compact design

Simplicity and ease of use

Industrial filo dough production

Filo dough is widely used in the production of a large number of confectionery, as well as an integral part of many dishes of Eastern, Turkish, Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine.

Small thickness and specific structure of filo dough require high labor and time costs in its production and high qualification of workers, what leads to high production costs.

Filo dough production lines from UTF GROUP

Semi-automatic filo dough production lines are the most popular type of equipment.

Automatic lines for obtaining filo dough are used, as a rule, for large production volumes of filo dough products, as well as for the production of filo dough as a finished product for sale in big retail chains.

Filo dough production – profitable business

Recently, the production of fillo dough in the form of a semi-finished product for its subsequent sale in small confectioneries and bakeries has become popular. This allows small manufacturers of finished products to ensure the low cost of their products, and manufacturers of dough – to form volumes of sales sufficient for the payback of automatic equipment.

In addition, the popularity of preparation of filo dough products at home grows, what contributes to the demand appearing in stores and retail chains.

Therefore, the production of this product is currently one of the most promising areas of business development.