Flatbread machinery manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the area of flat bread equipment manufacturing. Designing and manufacturing different automatic production lines and flatbread machines, our enterprise makes a significant contribution to the development of machinery construction for food industry. Quality and reliability of our innovative inventions are estimated at their true worth by many bakeries and productions throughout the world.

Up-to-date developments of our engineering department provide the full automation of the production process of the different types of flatbread such as lavash, tortilla, pita, matnakash, matzo, Georgian lavash etc. Earlier these famous types of bakery products were made only manually. However, due to the state-of-the-art technologies and engineering solutions of our company production of the types of flatbread, listed earlier, became a very promising area of business for both small and big bakeries.


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Flatbread machine, manufactured by us, is a result of the unique research and development activities in combination with the application of high-quality components and materials in the production.

We have a deep expertise not only in the production of equipment but also in the production of flatbread, that is why we know exactly our customers’ needs and we offer them equipment that will become a reliable basis and guarantee of their company success.

UkrTechnoFoods company offers technological flat bread making machine for every production stage:

  • equipment for dough preparing (flour batchers, water batchers, flour sifters);
  • forming equipment (dough ribbon extruders, dough dividers, dough kneading machines, dough rounding machines , dough rolling machines as well as rolling and dividing machines);
  • tunnel ovens for flat bread and bakery products baking;
  • product humidification and cooling systems.
Fully automatic production lines and other flat bread equipment, manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods, provide a significant expansion of the functional capabilities of the present production as well as of the range of products.
On every type of flat bread machine, designed by us, 12 months warranty is provided. Service of the machines is made throughout the world. In case of the appearance of a necessity in a replacement of any component, details are delivered by international shipping companies to any point of the world within several days.
Our flat bread making machine meets all quality and safety requirements of the machinery operation, what is confirmed by the international certificates.

Flat bread production line, designed by UkrTechnoFoods, is intended to minimize labour expenditures, appearing during the production process, down to the limit, what makes its purchase a really profitable investment both for small and medium or big businesses.

Establishing of the own bakery business is fraught with significant costs, the main part of which accounts for the purchase of flat bread making machine. Reliability of the automated lines as well as their technical characteristics and features, define not only the quality of the product, but also a payback time of production investments.

Application of our developments in the field of flat bread equipment provides your production with the following advantages:

  1. following modernization of the functional capabilities of the lines by means of the different additional equipment installation allows expanding the range of the products;
  2. reliability and quality of our bakery equipment provide faultless operation of the equipment during the almost unlimited period of time;
  3. in case of malfunction appearance in any unit of equipment, as well as in case of appearance of a necessity in a replacement of any component, delivery of the required details, which is made in the shortest period of time, allows reducing the downtime of the production and, as a result, financial losses ensuing from that;
  4. absence of a necessity in the big maintenance team allows minimizing labour expenditures.
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