Lavash equipment and wheat roll machinery

UkrTechnoFoods is an innovator and leader with regard to equipment of lavash production line.

Depending on the capacity and automation level we offer to the customer lot of different options with a set of lavash equipment for a small, medium and large business:

  • automatic lavash lines producing products with squared shape form, circularity and oval shape, capacity -1000-6000 pcs. per hour;
  • semiautomatic production lines with hearth width – 450 and 750 mm, capacity – 400-700 pcs. per hour;
  • equipment set for manual production of lavash production, capacity – 150-300 pcs. per hour.
UkrTechnoFoods provides customers with full technical and informational support, including recipes and consultations on all technological aspects of the production.

We would be happy to make your business successful and prosperous.

Lavash equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods:

  • greatly reduces requirements to the professional skills of bakers;
  • guarantees high quality of products due to uniform baking and thickness;
  • provides quick return of investments due to low labor expenditures and optimal productivity.
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In manufacturing of our lavash equipment we use only modern components and materials. This ensures reliable, long-term and failure-free operation of machines in a round-the-clock mode.

Our equipment meets the requirements of the strictest safety and hygienic rules as well as of the European Union standards, what is confirmed by numerous certificates.

High technological equipment developed and designed by UkrTechnoFoods allows minimizing a manual work no matter what equipment set you have chosen: high capacity industrial line for lavash production or lavash machine for small production. In addition to this, it also allows avoiding technological difficulties even in case of the manual production – the most complex production stages are significantly simplified by mechanization of the process.

Due to own lavash production we gathered the deep practical knowledge and the long-term experience in the field of industrial production of lavash.

UkrTechnoFoods constantly carries out research engineering and development activities in order to improve manufactured lavash production equipment.

Based on our experience and taking into account all requests of our numerous customers we developed the unique technology, which helps to make the production automated and to produce lavash in large volumes and with lowest labor expenditures.

This technology served as a base for creation of the innovative line for lavash production that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers.

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Armenian lavash is a thin wheat flatbread. The main feature is that this product doesn’t have the inside soft layer. It does not get moldy and can be stored dried for a long time. Dried lavash can be sprinkled with water, covered with a cloth, or process with steam – it will again become soft. Thin flatbreads are used as regular bread, and also used to prepare various dishes (rolls, casseroles, puff cakes, patties, dishes with filling, national dishes of oriental cuisine). The popularity of the product makes lavash production a profitable investment.

The legend connects origin of Armenian lavash with King Aram, captured by the Assyrians. Thin bread was hidden by caring citizens and secretly transferred to the sovereign in order to support him before the contest, deciding his fate. Flatbread supported the king for ten days. Perhaps, the legend slightly exaggerates the nutritional properties, nevertheless lavash is one of the most useful food products.

Armenian lavash is low-calorie and contains a rich set of vitamins and microelements. The absence of fats makes it an especially valuable component of the diet of overweight people. In 2014, it became a part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage.

Traditionally, Armenian lavash is baked from wheat flour. Historically, high quality barley flour of a specific variety had also been used. The flour is sieved, adding water, salt, and also the ferment, whose role, according to tradition, was performed by a piece of past dough batch. Maturation of the dough lasts 1.5-2 hours, the temperature necessary for fermentation is 30-32 °. The finished dough is divided into pieces, the proofing of which lasts from a quarter of an hour to half an hour. Pieces are rolled to a flat state. After that flatbread is several times transferred from hand to hand in order to reduce the thickness. Then they are stretched on a special cushion, finally bread having an oblong shape is formed. The thickness of the layer should be less than 5 mm.

At home, lavash bread is baked in a special oven tonir (tandoor), glued on the inner surface of its walls. Tonir is a ceramic hemisphere that has a circular opening and is above or below the floor level. Through the hole, the wood is laid and the bread is put. The oven is warmed to the desired temperature. Walls from the inside are wiped, removing the soot, and then the surface is sprinkled with water, and formed products are attached.

The baking time is 2-3 minutes. Sometimes one of the surfaces of lavash is sprinkled with sesame seeds before baking, although the most popular is the traditional version without sprinkling. Ready flatbreads, produced for long-term storage, are dried, and then stacked, covered with a cloth or wrapped in parchment.

Attempts of lavash equipment developers to mechanize the baking process for a long time did not bring the desired result. However, using the deep knowledge of food technologies, the UkrTechnoFoods company developed and patented a complex of equipment for lavash production. Our lavash line will allow you to receive high quality products with a significant volume of production. The developed innovative line makes it possible to automate the process of lavash preparation as much as possible. It radically differs from the known analogs, allowing avoiding low-productive manual labor.

Contact our specialists and you will get the detailed information about the characteristics of modern equipment for lavash production, the price of which is reasonable even for small businesses.