Production of lavash in large volumes presents some difficulties because of high requirements to the baker’s qualification during the product forming. Without necessary experience the quality of a product inevitably goes down, causing a loss of the buyer’s interest.

Besides, in order to provide high production capacity you will need not just one skilled baker, but significant number of staff.

In order to provide high capacity and excellent quality of product UkrTechnoFoods developed a series of advanced technological fully automatic lavash production lines.

Depending on modification the capacities of our automatic lavash lines are from 100 to 500 kg per hour.

Set of equipment line:

1. Rolling and dividing machine

1.1 Extruder with conveyor-stacker

1.2 Rolling machine

1.3 Stretching device

1.4 Conveyor with knife mechanism

2. Tunnel oven

3. Humidifier

4. Stabilization and accumulating conveyor 

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Due to multiyear experience, we managed to be the first who designed and implemented the lavash line which is able to operate in fully automatic mode up to the packaging. Over the years, our product range was extended with several modifications of the automatic lavash lines with different technical parameters and type of the ready product made on them.

Lavash line could operate 24 hours a day. Only one operator is enough to run the line. Number of the personnel at the packaging stage depends on the chosen equipment and organization of the working place.

Our lavash lines:

  • allow producing lavash of the highest quality, which meets the requirements of both trade networks and producers of wraps, shawarma, doner kebab or similar rolls;
  • our line provide reduction of expenses during production process due to full automation of the line;
  • allow extension of a product range by the production of lavash of various shapes (round, oval, rectangular, square);
  • don’t require professional forming skills from bakers;
  • provide obtaining of the uniform thickness, high quality and perfect appearance of the product. 


Capacity 1000 pcs./100 kg/h


Capacity 1000 pcs./100 kg/h


Capacity 2000 pcs./200 kg/h


Capacity 3000 pcs./300 kg/h

Automatic lavash lines developed by UkrTechnoFoods are unique and protected by patents in several countries. Our lavash equipment fully corresponds to the modern quality norms; it is certified according to the toughest requirements of the world standards. We use only modern high-quality materials in the production of all constructions and devices and it is the base for reliability and durability of our equipment. We provide buyers from the European Union with CE certificate.

Lavash automat 12-min

Lavash automat 13-min

Lavash automat 14-min

UkrTechnoFoods provides customers with complex support:

  • complete project for the line placement and connection in your production premises considering overall dimension of the line;
  • technical service of the purchased line;
  • consultation support of the lavash production line users;
  • machine operation training for the personnel;
  • production technology.
In order to get acquainted with the range of machines manufactured by us and in order to find out how to establish your own lavash production business – just contact us. Refer to our specialists and they will help you to choose the right type of lavash line, price and capacity of which will give you an opportunity to start the most effective business and return the investments as soon as possible.

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On our automatic lines you can produce lavash of various shapes:

Lavash round-min


Diameter, mm – 150 till 550

Lavash rectangular-min


Width and length, mm – 150 till 550

Lavash oval-min


Width and length, mm – 150 till 550

Lavash roll-min


Width, mm – 150 till 550

Specifications of the automatic lines for lavash production AL:

  AL-130 AL-130T AL-130CT
Capacity, kg/h 100±20% 200±20% 300±20%
Number of employees, people/shift 1 on dough preparing
1 operator
1 on flatbread grouping
Baking time, sec 15-70 15-70 15-70
Thickness of flatbread, mm 0,2-1,5 0,2-1,5 0,2-1,5
Width of oven’s hearth, mm 650 1000 1000
Area of oven’s hearth, m2 2,6 4,5 5,5
Installed capacity, kW 80 92 165
Power consumption, kW 50±20% 63±20% 110±20%
Minimal dimensions: length, mm 16500 16900 15000
width, mm 5300 5300 5800
height, mm 1800 1800 1800
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