Semiautomatic lavash production line

UkrTechnoFoods offers the semiautomatic lavash production line. Investments in line are rapidly repaid owing to the production volumes and shortening of the labor expenditures. With this set you can produce 40-80 kg of lavash per hour or 500-700 pcs. of lavash per hour depending on the chosen line.

Basic set of equipment:

1. Rolling machine

2. Electric tunnel oven with conveyor-loader

3. Humidifier

4. Stabilization and accumulation conveyor 

5. Dough dividing machine

Lavash production process requires honed skills during forming and a lot of manual work. But in case of using our equipment for lavash production instead of diligent manual labor profitability and capacity are greatly increased and a quality of the final product is significantly improved.

The great advantage of our semiautomatic line is the possibility to rearrange production in the future in order to enlarge product range and/or increase productivity. We can help you to complete your line and make it fully automatic taking into account all your requirements and wishes.

If you would like to start production of lavash and do not know how to start – just contact our specialists. We will help you to complete production in full, we will provide you with machinery, recipes, technology and training of staff. We know all the fine points of lavash production as we are not only lavash equipment producers but also lavash producers, and we know perfectly how to get the economic effect by reducing net cost and improving the quality of the product.
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Lavash production process video

Semiautomatic line

on the basis of the oven with the width of hearth 450 mm,

Capacity 500 pcs./50 kg/h

Semiautomatic line

on the basis of the oven with the width of hearth 450 mm,

Capacity 500 pcs./50 kg/h.

Lavash production line completely corresponds to all modern technical standards, safety rules and hygienic regulations. During development of this line UkrTechnoFoods relied on the own practical experience in this field of food industry trying to create equipment for lavash production, price of which allows starting business with low investments. Due to our knowledge of all details of the production technology, we managed to design the set of machines, which significantly decreases initial investments and production costs.

Semiautomatic lavash line specifications:

Width of oven’s hearth, mm 450 750 650
Capacity, kg/h 50 80 80
Nominal voltage, V 3х380
Installed capacity, kW 51 68 72
Power consumption, kW 40±10% 50±10% 50±10%
Overall dimensions , mm 4600x1100x1500 4850x1300x1500 5850x1170x1500
Weight,  kg 2650 3100 1150

*Depending on the size and weight of lavash, baking level and staff qualification.

Technological process of lavash production can be provided by the following set of equipment:

Dough dividing screw machine with rounder and rolling device

Dough dividing machine allows forming dough pieces of a set weight and shape. Using this equipment significantly increases effectiveness of production due to a reduce in a number of staff and high capacity of machine. Dough dividing machine has CE certificate.


Rolling machine

We developed the unique specialized machine for lavash rolling. It allows getting dough pieces of a set thickness and significantly increasing the labour productivity. Equipment is simple in maintenance, easy-to-clean and easy-to-operate. Dough rolling machine is extremely popular equipment unit among producers in Europe and CIS countries and has CE certificate.


Tunnel oven

Ovens for lavash have high capacity and allow getting the homogenously baked final product. Their operation is easily controlled. Equipment is compact and does not require big areas. Oven has CE certificate.


Flour sifter

The main function of the flour sifter is a removal of foreign bodies and rejects out of flour, loosening and aeration of flour. Equipment is compact and high-capacity, as well as easy-to-clean and easy-to-operate.


Water batcher with heating

This equipment implements heating, automatic batching and water feeding into the dough kneading machine. Water batcher is easy-to-operate.


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