The company has developed and manufactured the automatic line for the production of grissini breadstick dough pieces with their laying on baking trays.

The line is developed on the basis of the existing automatic line for the production of grissini and taralli.

In this project, putting of dough pieces on metal baking trays was carried out for the subsequent baking of finished products in rotary ovens.To maintain a high level of automation of processes and the maximum reduction of manual labor, automatic feeding of baking trays with stacking of dough pieces was provided.
Pair of rollers with grooves forms dough strands from the dough ribbon; after that they are fed to a conveyor with a distributor.
Automatic tray feeding machine, designed for the line, provides alternate feeding of baking trays, installed in the store, to the area, where the finished dough pieces are laid on them by a conveyor with a knife exit, in the automatic mode.After this, the baking trays are manually installed on trolleys and fed to a proofing, and then to baking in rotary ovens.
The line is controlled by the advanced control system based on an industrial PLC controller. The operator monitors and corrects work processes using the TOUCHSCREEN panel.