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Lavash production line

UTF-GROUP is a leader in the development and production of industrial lavash processing equipment for the manufacturing of lavash. Our company has the ability to produce automatic and semi-automatic equipment for lavash bread with a capacity from 20 to 500 kg/h, which are ideal for any business size - small, medium or large.

Lavash processing equipment

The finished dough is fed to the set of forming machines, which from the portion of the dough ribbon form the lavash bread. The process of forming dough pieces can be made in automatic and semi-automatic mode.

In semi-automatic mode, lavash is formed on rolling equipment from rounded pieces of dough of a given weight and size, obtained on a dividing machine.

In the automatic mode, the lavash is formed from dough rolled in two directions. You can get lavash of various shapes. Square and rectangular lavash is obtained using a system of disc knives and guillotines, round and oval – with the help of cutting drums.

The next stage of the production is baking the product in ovens, the design of which should provide the most favorable conditions for baking of the finished products.

The oven for the Armenian lavash, produced by UTF-GROUP, meets the requirements of any customer due to its special design, which is optimized for the production of Armenian lavash.

A gas or electric tunnel oven for thin lavash bread with a length up to 10 m and a hearth width of up to 1000 mm ensures perfect baking of the finished product. The selection of the oven according to the capacity of the equipment ensures maximum economic efficiency.

For industries with small production volumes, a compact lavash oven with a rectangular or round hearth is used.

Humidifying after baking is an important step in production, which allows you to get a soft lavash bread ready for the packaging.

Lavash bread machine UTF-GROUP is:
  • high-quality of product;
  • low cost of equipment;
  • modern control system;
  • reliable round-the-clockwork;
  • compliance with European hygiene and safety requirements;
  • CE and Euro-1 certificates.
UTF-GROUP includes its own production of lavash.
  • This allows our company to:
    provide professional advice on the technology and characteristics of the production of lavash as we have deep knowledge and great personal experience;

  • Provide our customers with a set of recipes for organizing the production of the most common types of lavash;

  • To guarantee the operation of new models of equipment, new design solutions are pre-tested in real production;

  • To guarantee the operation of new models of equipment due to pre-testing new design solutions on real production;

  • Confirm using our equipment for the production of other food products, such as multigrain chips, thin tortilla, etc.


  • Armenian lavash is a product known since ancient times, which has crossed the borders of one nation and became worldwide. It is a very thin baked flat bread without yeast. The minimum ingredients (flour, salt, and water), simple baked technology and, the most important, great taste ensured its popularity both directly as a bread product and as a part of various dishes. Small thickness, flexibility and durability of the Armenian lavash helped it to gain popularity in fast food, where it is used in various products – shawarma, shish kebab, hot dogs, rolls and many others.


  • Despite the ease of preparation, the production of Armenian lavash also has its secrets. So, in order to get very thin and flexible, but at the same time strong lavash, you need to roll out the dough and stretch it in two directions. With traditional production, this is done manually, but in the automated production on, it requires the use of special technology and special machines. Very few manufacturers could get good quality lavash on their equipment. UTF-GROUP was the first manufacturer in the world who was able to solve this complex technical task. Therefore, any lavash machine of our company provides a product that does not tear along the seam and is not inferior to the best samples of hand-made traditional lavash.


  • UTF-GROUP have been working in the field of manufacturing equipment for the production of Armenian lavash over 25 years. Nobody worked in this direction longer and better than we did! Our technologies, developed and constantly developing throughout time, allows achieving the expected result. The traditional process of lavash production requires perfect skills in molding and baking the products, as well as considerable labor costs throughout all stages of manufacturing. All this leads to a high net cost of finished unit. UTF-GROUP replace painstaking manual labor with machine labor, which does not require highly qualified molders and bakers or even completely replaces them with automatic machines. Equipment with different levels of automation – from automating individual processes of rolling and baking to complete automated production, fully meets the plans and development strategies of any manufacturer, from small bakeries to large factories.

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