The unique line for thin lavash production with the capacity of 500 kg/h was put into operation on the territory of Russian Federation. As for now this line is the most productive specialized line for lavash production in the world.

    The equipment provides high and stable quality of lavash bread and a wide range of finished products – lavash of rectangular, square, round and oval shapes and various sizes as well as wheat rolls, etc.

    In production of this line our company had invested more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of lavash equipment. The line implements a large number of new developments and unique technical solutions.

A 4-position knife unit with replaceable cutting drums is used in the line. The use of a unit with this design significantly shortens the time of shift from one type of product to another. In addition, the process of mounting and dismantling of drums became more convenient and the service life of the cutting edge of knives increased.
In the line AL-500 a unique high-speed track lavash oven with a length of 10 meters is used. In this oven compactness, high quality of lavash bread and high productivity are combined.
A special conveyor-stacker with a metal mesh was installed to lay the dough pieces of lavash on the hearth of the oven. Application of stacker allowed to increase the service life of the belt of the knife conveyor and to provide a more convenient transfer of the workpiece to the hearth of the oven due to smaller gaps.
Especially for this project, a multilevel conveyor system was developed for grouping and packing lavash. The conveyor system includes an inspection post with a conveyor for taking off the spoiled products. Moving of the finished products to the packaging section is made inside the box which provides the necessary microclimate for maintaining high quality of surface. At the output of the system a supply of finished products to the packaging by the flow pack machine is ensured.