UkrTechnoFoods has manufactured the automatic line for the production of lavash with a capacity of 100 kg/h for the Swedish company Bagery & Konditori Marias Bröd (Stockholm).

    Currently, in Europe there is an increase in demand for flat types of bread, including thin lavash. Thanks to this, our company’s lavash lines confidently conquer the European market. Only during the last three years, such lines were launched in six EU countries (including Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom).
    This order is another confirmation of the high quality of the products of UkrTechnoFoods and its compliance with the strictest European requirements to food equipment.
    The manufactured line is a serial automatic line for thin lavash production, with some modifications according to the customer’s requirements specification. UTF lavash lines are widely represented all over the world. They operate in Europe, Asia and North America.

All the equipment produced by our company is tested on the territory of the enterprise before shipment to the consumer:

Testing of the automatic line of thin lavash for Sweden in the assembly shop of the UkrTechnoFoods company:

Dough ribbon forming

Dough ribbon perforation

Dough pieces forming

Electric tunnel oven

Feeding of dough pieces to the oven

Output of the finished product from the oven

Tunnel oven control panel      

Cooling and stabilization conveyor