Matnakash making machines

Matnakash production line

UTF-GROUP is a world leader in the field of high-performance equipment for the production of traditional Armenian bread. The industrial machine for the production of matnakash from UTF-GROUP allows, following the Armenian lavash, which has already gained its position on the world market, to bring the production of Armenian matnakash to a new level.

Machines for matnakash production

Chambers with steam supply and discharge system, mounted on a tunnel oven, provide steam processing. Steam can be fed by different capacity electric steam generators manufactured by our company.

Matnakash baking is done in a tunnel oven with three baking zones. Each zone is individually configured for optimum baking conditions. This allows you to produce a high-quality product at the minimum length of the oven.

To obtain a characteristic golden crust, a scalding chamber is installed at the entrance to the tunnel oven, in which dough pieces are subjected to hot steam treatment.

Stabilize and cooling the matnakash, a complex conveyor system of large length is used. This system is designed for a specific project, taking into account the layout of the room, the location of the process equipment and other individual parameters.

Equipment for matnakasha UTF-GROUP is:
  • automation of most technological operations
  • low cost of finished products
  • versatility for a wide range of products
  • reduction requirements for employee qualifications
  • high level of hygiene and food safety

    Matnakash is an Armenian bread in the form of a thick oval or round flatbread with an elastic, large-pored crumb and a hard crust made from wheat flour. The name of matnakash translates from Armenian as “fingers extended”.
    According to the legend, matnakash is a symbol of a plowed field. The rim symbolizes the field itself, and its lines in the middle represent rows of arable land.


    The widespread matnakash is hampered by the complexity of automating its production and, accordingly, the high cost of a hand-made product.
    The complex technological process of manufacture, especially the formaing of dough pieces, the specifics of the baking process, the need for stabilization after baking, and many other complex technical issues hindered the organization of the industrial production of matnakash.

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