Pasta production equipment

Pasta production implies using of pasta production equipment: such basic units as flour sifter, macaroni extruder, preliminary drier (trabatto), main drying complex as well as packaging machine. If necessary, basic automatic line for pasta production could be completed with additional devices and machines.

One of the most important criteria in the selection of equipment is its capacity. Besides, a choice of production line is defined by a size of enterprise, available production space, type of the most optimal energy source as well as types of pasta products.


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Pasta production equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods

UkrTechnoFoods company, manufacturer of various equipment for food industry, is also a developer of modern innovative state-of-the-art pasta processing equipment. Our company has both Ukrainian and international patents for technologies and engineering solutions in this field.

Equipment, manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods, successfully operates in many countries of the world.

Key features of pasta production equipment manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods:

  • mixing of ingredients in the automatic line is made in two stages what provides homogeneous dough;
  • high-speed dough kneading provides the perfect quality of the final product;
  • extruder’s operation is built on the principle of deep vacuuming what provides the effective removing of the air from a dough mass;
  • batching unit of ingredients maintains the continuous feeding of the set amount of water and flour in the automatic mode during the whole production process;
  • the presence of special batchers for liquid and paste additives allows to widen the range of pasta produced;
  • many-level product-friendly drier prevents cracking of the product and allows to get the required percent of residual moisture in the products.


Advantages of UkrTechnoFoods pasta processing equipment:

  • high quality of the final product: matt thick-walled bright pasta with excellent taste;
  • classic production technology adapted to the modern standards;
  • fully automated production of pasta;
  • product-friendly drying process preventing cracking of the product;
  • different models of drying chambers foreseeing operation on such energy sources as gas, electricity and different types of solid fuel;
  • possibility of production a variety of pasta shapes;
  • application of high quality materials and components of leading manufacturers of Europe and the world in the line provides reliability and durability of equipment;
  • lines are easy-to-operate, easy to clean and maintain: don’t require special skills and ighly-paid qualified specialists;
  • using of special coating with sandwich-panels prevents heat loss and provides energy saving;
  • possibility of round-the-clock operation of the line;
  • waste-free technology: zero waste of water and raw material during production;
  • compliance with all hygienic and technical standards as well as safety standards.

Price of equipment for pasta production

Starting a new pasta production business is always related to significant costs, the main part of which is a purchase of equipment. Reliability of equipment, its performance specifications and key features define not only the quality of product but also a payback period of investments in the production. Our pasta production equipment is intended to minimize the labor costs of the production process, what makes its purchase a truly profitable investment.

Automatic lines for pasta production with the capacity of 250 and 400 kg/h is an advantageous offer for compact productions, represented by small and medium business.

Automatic lines for pasta production with the capacity of 500 kg/h, 750 kg/h and 1000 kg/h is a necessary purchase for those who are planning to increase the scale of production or looking for the equipment, the price of which is self-repaid due to a high productivity.

UkrTechnoFoods company offers a high-quality pasta processing equipment. It meets European standards of reliability, quality and safety. We offer not only the opportunity of purchasing the innovative fully automatic production lines but also subsequent technical support, equipment assembly, installation works, staff training as well as complex service and warranty package.