Automatic pasta production line with the capacity 250 kg/h

Pasta production lines, manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods, are one of the best samples of equipment presented nowadays on the global market. They comply with all international safety and hygiene standards. Components and materials of the world’s best manufacturers are used in the production of our lines. In case of correct and timely maintenance operation time of complex is almost unlimited.

Pasta production line with the capacity 250 kg/h includes:

1. Bag inverting machine

2. Flour sifter

3. Press

4. Mobile conveyor

5. Trabatto

6. Elevator

7. Drying chamber

8. Conveyor-stacker

9. Cooling conveyor

10. Elevator

11. Storage hopper

Optionally pasta production lines could be completed with the following equipment:

  • automatic conveyor system for flour transferring from silos to flour sifter;
  • cooler of the extruder’s body with closed contour (reduces water consumption);
  • control panel of the main drive’s revolutions;
  • additional drying chamber for additional drying and stabilization of specific pasta types;
  • PLC-controllers of the pressing and drying machines;
  • packaging machine;
  • additional extrusion dies for the production of different types of pasta;
  • extrusion die washing device;
  • lifting and tilting machine for bags with flour;
  • industrial gas heat generator;
  • special batcher intended for liquid and paste additions.

Automatic pasta production line with the capacity 250 kg/h


Automatic pasta production line with the capacity 250 kg/h, manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods, have the following advantages:

  • two-stage ingredients mixing for providing homogeneous dough;
  • application of the principle of deep vacuuming in the press;
  • product-friendly drying process, that prevents cracking of the final product;
  • covering of drying chambers with high quality sandwich-panels, that prevents heat losses;
  • automatic batching of ingredients allows keeping stable quality of the product.

You get the full range of services :

  • project development;
  • installation and setup;
  • staff training;
  • support service.
Pricing policy of our company allows purchasing commercial pasta equipment of European quality, but at the price less than of analogs.  

At the same time, pasta production line meets all requirements of European standards, The quality of pasta, produced on it, is the same as of pasta produced on expensive European models.

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UkrTechnoFoods company offers the innovative equipment for the compact pasta factory. Automatic pasta production line with the capacity 250 kg/h, manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods, have the following advantages:

  • it allows to produce a good-looking high-quality final product;
  • we developed several types of pasta pressing machines depending on the type of raw material, used in the production: macaroni extruder for hard-wheat flour, macaroni extruder for soft-wheat flour and the other one for their mixture;
  • round-the-clock operation mode of equipment allows reaching the maximal profitability;
  • electricity, gas or solid fuel could be the energy source of pasta drying machine;
  • only one operator is enough to control the line;
  • energy consumption of the line is significantly cut due to the application of energy-saving technologies what allows to reduce the cost price of the final product;
  • application of the modern high-quality components in the production allows to provide safe and durable operation of the equipment in the continuous mode.

Specifications of the pasta production line with the capacity 250 kg/h

Capacity, kg/h 250±15%
Water consumption for dough, l/h 50
Drying time, hours 4-6
Installed capacity, kW 50
Power consumption, kW 50
Installed capacity of the boiler, kсal/h 130.000
Power consumption of the boiler, kсal/h 75.000
Overall dimensions (length * width * height), mm 28000*3500*4500


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A modern short-cut pasta production line intended for using hard-wheat flour and soft-wheat flour in the continuous production cycle reduces labor expenditures and could become an eligible investment.

During the creation of small and medium pasta production business the primary importance lies in selection of effective and high-quality line for pasta production, which is able to become a reliable foundation of the material and technical basis of a company.