Efficiency indicators of this complex are maximized. In the equipment provided for the production of spaghetti all the scientific and technical developments of the company, high-quality components and proven production technology are shown. We have created equipment for spaghetti production which is an excellent sample of quality equipment that fully reflects all the technological progress of the company.

Spaghetti production line:

1. Vacuum pump

2. Flour sifter

3. Pasta press

4. Automatic spreading machine

5. Preliminary drying chamber

6. Chamber with microclimate

7. Drying cabinets

8. Trolleys with product

In addition to spaghetti, the line allows you to produce short-cut pasta. Productivity of the line reaches 300 kilograms per hour, and only 3 people are needed for its maintenance.
Advantages of our equipment for making spaghetti:

  • around the clock operation;
  • the utmost simplicity of the operators;
  • the ability to use a different type of energy source (electricity, gas or solid fuel);
  • high quality of the products;
  • low price of the line compared to European analogues

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Our company provides a special opportunity for the stage-by-stage development to its customers who purchase spaghetti equipment. Contact us in any convenient way – and our experts will provide you with comprehensive information about the equipment for the production of spaghetti and the stage-by-stage development program that we offer.
We provide 1 year warranty and after-sales service for this complex, training of personnel, installation and commissioning.

It is possible to produce short cut pasta on the line. For this it is necessary to replace spreading machine with the automatic tray feeding machine.

This line will be able to produce «nests» if you install proper additional equipment.

In case of completing the line with slot extrusion die, special machine for automatic tray feeding and machine for longitudinal and transversal cutting you will be able to produce lasagne.

In the line extrusion dies and inserts of Italian production, which allow producing high quality pasta, are used. The design of the complex involves high-quality components that ensure compliance with all hygienic requirements.

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Specifications of spaghetti production line with the capacity 300 kg/h (electricity\gas):

Parameter Electric Gas
Capacity, kg\h 300±15%
Dough pressure, atm 100
Vacuum depth, atm. 0,8+0,1/-0,05
Maintenance staff, people 3
Voltage, V 3 х 380
Nominal frequency , Hz 50
Installed capacity,  kW 220 120
Power consumption, kW 150 80
Gas consumption, m³/h 7
Required production area, m² 400 (h=4.0 m) 400 (h=4.0 m)