The UkrTechnoFoods company has implemented another project in India.

The complex of equipment for the automatic production of short-cut pasta made of durum wheat flour with a capacity of 400 kg/h was launched in the Indian city of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh).
The complex was designed specifically for the implementation of this project. It includes:

  • flour sifter-batcher with a bag tilting device;
  • automatic pasta press;
  • feeding conveyor systems;
  • drying complex;
  • steam processing system;
  • cooling conveyor.
Installation of equipment on site was carried out by specialists of our company.

Indian employees were trained to ensure proper operation and maintenance of equipment.

The flour sifter-batcher is developed on the basis of the serial one, adapted to the height of the receiving bunker of the new press. It provides sifting of flour, its lifting to the height of the press bunker and feeding in the required quantity.

The only manual operation on the entire line is the installation of a bag of flour on the platform of the bag tilting device, what does not require much physical effort. The rest of the process, right up to the packaging, is made in automatic mode.

The pasta press with a capacity of 400 kg/h was designed on the basis of a serial press with a capacity of 250 kg/h for the production of pasta made of durum wheat flour.
The use of replaceable extrusion dies with a hydraulic mechanism for convenient replacement allowed to produce a large range of finished products.
For drying pasta, a multi-tier drying complex with traditional low-temperature drying is used. The distribution of products along the width of the drying conveyor is performed by a rotary feeder.

Hot water is used as a heat carrier in the drying complex, so the complex can work on any kind of fuel (wood, coal, pellets, fuel oil, etc.).

To form the final appearance of pasta, they are treated with hot steam. Steam is produced by an electric steam generator produced by our company.
Ready-made pasta is cooled and fed to the packaging by an inclined conveyor.