The comprehensive project for the organization of continuous production of puff pastry in automatic mode was realized by our company.

The line provides automatic production of up to 1000 kg/h of puffpastry dough, the number of layers in which is adjustable up to 288.

The line design allows the production of yeast puff pastry dough without the use of a cooling tunnel.The width of the conveyor at the exit of the line is 1000 mm, thickness of the ready puff pastry dough is from 2 to 6 mm.

Dough pieces for a wide range of confectionery products for both baking and preparation of frozen semi-finished productsareformed outof the dough produced on the line.
UTF-GROUP manufactured the line with regard to its integration into the existing production, the set of equipment was determined by the layout of the premises and the requirements for the finished product. Installation and start were made by specialists of the company. In the implemented project, UTF-GROUP has applied the latest developments in the field of equipment for puff pastry production, including:
1. Fat extruder (homogenizer), the new design of which provided production of high quality puff pastry dough with 15% fat, stable getting and placement of a homogeneous fat layer on the dough ribbon as well as convenient loading of extruder hopper.  
2. Transversedough laying units (laminators) with roller spreaders, the development of which allowed to simplify the process of laying the dough ribbon, to provide a wider range of adjustment of the number of layers and more convenient access to the structural elements.
3. New design of transverse dough laying unit of cut layers ensured getting dough ribbon with stable characteristics across the entire width due to the consistent stacking of dough layers of a given size.   
4. Multirollers, designed to delicately reduce the thickness of the dough ribbon while preserving the structure of the dough,got a new adjustment unit, which simplified and accelerated the setting of the machine.