A complex project of the automatic line for the production of puff pastry was implemented in Logoisk district of the Minsk region in the Republic of Belarus.

     The project includes a lamination line for puff pastry, dough pieces forming line, a tunnel oven and a conveyor cooling system.

     A full cycle of work was carried out – layout of the equipment placement, its design and production, installation in the customer’s premises and commissioning.

     Distinctive features of the customer’s available production areas led to the need for a placement of equipment in several adjacent premises. The production of the puff yeast and non-yeast dough is done on the lamination line. It allows getting dough with a maximum number of layers – up to 288 – automatically.
     The initial ribbon is formed by a three-roll extruder.
     The fat extruder forms and feeds the fat layer of margarine necessary for the production of the puff pastry.
     The laminating machine puts dough in layers to form a layered structure.
     Multi-rollers forms a dough ribbon of a certain thickness without breaks and with the preservation of the structure out of thick layer of dough.
     Puff pastry products – strudels, palmiers etc. – are formed on the forming line.
     Forming of pieces is made by replacement units installed on a forming table.
     The forming line is completed with replacement units for production of a wide range of products.
     Dough pieces of products from puff pastry are baked in the electric tunnel oven with a metal belt conveyor.
     Due to lack of space the conveyor cooling system was realized as a complex system of conveyors located in several premises in the form of a suspended second tier.