Equipment for the production of chips made of wheat and corn flour mix


Automatic chips production lines of UkrTechnoFoods company have the capacity up to 500 kg/hour. Set of chips production equipment allows producing wide range of finished goods due to application of different dough recipes, removable cutters and varieties of spices.

Set of equipment: 

1. Extruder of dough ribbon with stacker

2. Dough rolling machine

3. Stretching device

4. Conveyor with knife mechanism

5. Tunnel oven


6. Cooling conveyor

7. Cutting machine

8. Feeding conveyor

9. Drum for sifting

10. Fryer


11. Coveyor for oil removal

12. Drum with batcher of spices

13. Cooling conveyor

14. Elevator

15. Packaging machine

Video chips production line

Specifications of Chips production line:

Capacity, kg/h 150-500
Installed capacity, kW 90-200
Power consumption, kW 60-132

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Chips production technology:

Dough ribbon forming is made by the rolling extruder. Ribbon, placed in several layers, passes through dough rolling machine and is stretched by special stretching device.
Dough ribbon calibration to the set width is made by the conveyor with knife mechanism, dough offcuts are returned again into the extruder for recycling.
Tunnel electric oven makes prebaking of dough ribbon to give it properties required for the following technological stages – cutting and frying in the fryer.
Cutting machine forms dough pieces of required size and shape out of the dough ribbon.
Rotating net drum for sifting separates cut pieces of small fractions, offcuts and particles.  
Fryer brings dough pieces to the readiness by a dip into the heated oil with high temperature for definite time.
Conveyor for oil removal with a metal net enables free flow of excess oil from ready chips and its return to the fryer.
Drum with batcher of spices installed at the entry provides getting chips with different tastes, drum design provides uniform distribution of spices along the whole surface of the product.  Excess of spices is removed due to perforated ferrule at the exit of drum.
Multihead packaging machine makes packages of required weight in the automatic mode.  

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