Rusk production equipment


UkrTechnoFoods company developed equipment for the production of rusks with a capacity up to 500 kg of doughper hour on the basis of rotary ovens with a high degree of automation of production processes.

Set of equipment for rusk production:

1. Automatic line for dough pieces production:

1.1. Dough batcher

1.2. Inclined conveyor

1.3. Dough ribbon extruder

1.4. Multiroller

1.5. Feeding conveyor with knife mechanism

1.6. Tray feeding machine 

1.7. Forming machine

1.8. Dough pieces stacking mechanism with guillotine

2. Proofing chamber

3. Rotary ovens

4. Rusk plate cooling and staling section

5. Automatic line for the production of rusks out of rusk plates:

5.1. Rusk plate slicing machine

5.2. Inclined conveyor

5.3. Tunnel oven 

5.4. Inclined conveyor

5.5. Butter feeding station

5.6. Drum with batcher of spices and oil spraying unit

5.7. Cooling conveyor

6. Elevator

7. Packaging machine

Dough preparing equipment:

8. Flour sifter

9. Flour batcher

10. Water batcher

11. Dough kneading machine

On this equipment different types of rusks can be produced:





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 Forming of rusk plate dough pieces is made on the forming line in the automatic mode. The screw extruder forms a dough ribbon, thickness and width of which is calibrated with a multi-roller and knife mechanism.
 The forming machine forms doughstrands of a given diameter out of a calibrated dough ribbonand evenly distributes them across the width of the conveyor.

Replaceable cassettes are used to obtain other diameters of dough strands.

 The laying of dough pieces of rusks of a set length on a baking trays for subsequent baking in rotary ovens is carried out in the automatic mode. Synchronization of trays feeding and dough pieces stacking is implemented with the help of optical sensor.

The technological process of rusk production

The dough is fed into the batcher, from where equal partsare fedby an inclined conveyor into the extruder’s hopper. The extruder forms a dough ribbon, which is rolled on a multiroller, after thatit is fed to a forming machine by a conveyor with a knife mechanism. The forming machine forms several doughstrands of a given diameter out of dough ribbon. The dough pieces of a given length are cut off by the guillotine and placed on the trays, which are automatically fed for stacking by the machine of trays feeding from the storage.

Baking trays with dough pieces of rusks are placed on trolleys manually and put in proofing cabinets for passing the technological stage of proofing, after which the trolleys with trays are installed in rotary ovens for baking. Then trolleys with baked rusk plates are placed in a separate roomfor cooling and staling. Ready rusks are manually removed from the baking trays and fed to the cutting machine, after which the production of rusks is carried out automatically.

The cutting machine cuts the rusksto the slices of a given width. Cut rusks are fed to a drying-roasting oven, in which the final preparation of rusks takes place. After leaving the oven, the rusks are fed into the drum, at the entrance of which the oil spraying unit and the batcher of bulk additives are installed. Inside the drum a uniform distribution of spices or other bulk additives throughout the products is made. After cooling, the finished product is conveyed to the packaging.

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