Soft biscuit production line

Soft biscuit is one of the high-demanded confectionery products. It is popular among both consumers and manufacturers. Variety of shapes, patterns and extended shelf life distinguish it from other kinds of biscuits. Ukrtechnofoods offers automatic lines for soft biscuits production. Capacity of the line depends on customer`s requirements and it is defined by the size of baking chamber of the tunnel oven.
Soft biscuit manufacturing

Advantages of the line:

  • round-the- clock working mode provides an opportunity of quick reduction of payback time for investments in biscuit equipment;
  • in consequence of automation of technological processes the line requires minimum staff for maintenance;
  • a wide range of products is achieved due to the ability of easy change of rotors for the rotary moulder;
  • a catalogue of patterns for rotor is provided; besides, a pattern can be manufactured on the customer’s design;
  • application of high quality European components is a guarantee of round-the- clock operation of equipment.

Equipment operation video


You get a full range of services:

• development of project of equipment layout in customer’s premises, including supply pipelines plan; • visit of specialist to the company; • installation and adjustment of equipment; • staff training; • spare parts delivery and service maintenance.


Additional machinery:

Sprinkling device (including conveyor with moistening and sprinkling units installed on it) – is installed before the oven.

Photos of rotor

Equipment for production of soft dough biscuits

Components of the line:


Rotary moulder

The machine is intended for the forming of soft biscuits with the following feeding of products to the tunnel oven or sprinkling machine. There are two versions of machine – with conveyor width 600 mm and 900 mm.


Tunnel oven

Tunnel oven has a modular construction. The capacity of line depends on numbers of modules (and consequently oven’s length). The oven is manufactured in 2 versions: with wire mesh and belt hearth (steel belt of hearth can be of either Ukrainian or “Sandvik” production).


Cooling and stacking

Conveyor lines for cooling and stacking of products are projected according to the line’s capacity taking into account a plan of production premises; they are placed before the packaging section.



Soft biscuit production process:

Prepared dough is fed to the bunker of rotary moulder. In it a detachable drum forms and feeds pieces of biscuits of the required shape and with appropriate surface pattern to the conveyor. Dough pieces are fed to the sprinkling device (by its availability) or directly to the tunnel oven. On the sprinkling device the surface moistening and sprinkling is made. After that the product is delivered to the belt of tunnel oven where the baking process is made. After the exit from the oven and passing the cooling area finished products are fed to the cooling conveyor. The stacker is installed at the end of this conveyor. It puts the biscuits into stacks for convenience of their feeding to the manual or automatic packaging.

UkrTechnoFoods also provides automated lines for hard biscuit production such as “Maria”, “Petit Beurre, “Animal biscuit” etc. You can find additional information by contacting us