Cake machines

Cake production line

UTF-GROUP produces a wide range of equipment for the production of a large assortment of cakes, pastries and rolls made of sponge and sand dough. Modern technologies, the best technical solutions and an individual approach to each project provide the maximum economic effect for both small and large confectionery productions.

Machines for production of cake

Depositing machine provides the forming of a sponge layer with a stable quality over the entire width.

Along with obtaining sponge layer, depositors make it possible to produce confectionery made of sand dough.

Baking of biscuit layer and sand dough products is made in a tunnel oven. It is possible to use both the UTF-GROUP confectionery electric ovens and ovens of various types and designs from other manufacturers.

For a wide range of confectionery products, a large variety of machines for decoration is used.

Machines and units for liquid fillings injection, sprinkling with bulk ingredients, two- and multi-tiered laying, wrapping, rolling, and many others are among them.

The forming of dough pieces is performed by cutting a sponge layer into the pieces of a given size using a system of longitudinal and transverse knives.

The cooling of sponge layer and products made of sand dough is performed on a conveyor cooling system, which is designed based on customer requirements, room layout, capacity and other necessary conditions.

Equipment for the production of cakes from UTF-GROUP:
  • easy access for cleaning and high-quality food materials in all parts that are in contact with the product;
  • compliance with the requirements of confectionery production at all stages: from dough preparation to packaging of the finished product;
  • reliable and easy-to-maintain control system that allows producing a wide range of high-quality products.
  • Almost all people, regardless of gender, age or place of residence, love sweets. Modern confectionery industry, which produces sweets for every taste, is based on this need.
    One of the most common confectionery products are cakes and pastries made from sponge and sand dough.

  • The main difficulty in automating the processes of making products of sponge and sand dough is the need to obtain a wide range.

  • Therefore, at most enterprises, only the production of dough pieces and baked semi-finished products is automated, and decorating of finished products is done manually.

  • Full automation of production requires an individual approach to project implementation, high flexibility of equipment and large production volumes. But due to the fact that it provides the minimum cost of production, it is becoming increasingly widespread.


  • Our company produces a wide range of equipment for the production of cakes and pastries, ranging from individual machines for automation of a specific operation and ending with high capacity fully automatic lines.

  • Manufactured machinery: dough preparing equipment for working with biscuit and sand dough, equipment for the production of cake bases, machines for depositing and baking cakes, machines for producing puff cakes, tunnel confectionery ovens for cakes, machines for decorating confectionery products, machines for the production of Swiss rolls etc.

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