Confectionery equipment

UkrTechnoFoods company designs and manufactures confectionery equipment for small and medium as well as big producers of confectionery products. 

Our company has a multiyear experience in the development of confectionery machinery of different automation level: from partially mechanized to fully automatic.

During more than twenty years of the existence of our company specialists of UkrTechnoFoods have been constantly improving engineering solutions, taking into account all the wishes and needs of customers.

Owing to this fact throughout the operation time of our enterprise confectionery equipment, manufactured by us, was supplied to the leading confectionery producers in Ukraine and other countries.


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Automatic production lines by the confectionery machinery manufacturer UkrTechnoFoods are defined by a high level of the processes automation and perfect quality of the product made on them. At the same time cost of UTF lines are significantly lower than the cost of analogs. Confectionery machines are produced at our factory.

Application of modern materials and high-quality components in the equipment manufacturing provides a long-term faultless operation. Up-to-date industrial production lines and machines have 12 months warranty, correspond to sanitary and hygienic norms and meet requirements of high quality standards of the European Union.

Equipping of enterprises with the automatic confectionery lines, manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods, allows to:

  • increase productivity of labour, and, accordingly, increase production efficiency;
  • reduce production premises by virtue of the compactness of module constructions;
  • eliminate labour-intensive manual operations from the technological processes;
  • significantly improve sanitary and hygienic conditions by elimination of the using of intermediate containers and manual work;
  • considerably improve the quality of final product by virtue of the high-accuracy batching and automation of the processes;
  • reduce to a minimum production losses of the raw material.
The priority principle of our company is the individual approach to each client, as well as to the development of the project, starting from the configuration of lines and the design of confectionery machine layout to installation and commissioning works.

We try to give full attention to the specifics of every customer’s business, the needs and requirements of his production. We take into account conditions of production and technological processes, provide constant technical support and advice. We offer not only standard production lines, but also individual, and even exclusive developments.

Besides, we offer not only lines in the set, but also separate units or component elements of confectionery equipment for sale.

We can offer the following confectionery machines:

  1. Dough ribbon extruders
  2. Automatic dough lamination machines
  3. Dough rolling machines
  4. Dough forming machines
  5. Filling dosers
  6. Additional dusters (flour, salt, sugar etc.)
  7. Dough pieces cutting stations
  8. Water batchers
  9. Flour batchers
  10. Flour sifters
  11. Tunnel ovens

We will be happy to help you in the organization of the modern confectionery production or to choose the most advantageous technical solution for your present production. Automatic lines by the confectionery machines manufacturer UkrTechnoFoods will provide you with the opportunity of significant widening of the product range and satisfaction of the demand in high-quality confectionery products.