Automatic pasta production line with the capacity 500 kg/h

UkrTechnoFoods company, basing on the long-term experience in the production of machinery for food industry, offers fully automatic pasta line with the capacity 500 kg/h, which complies with all advanced trends.

Pasta production line with the capacity 500 kg/h includes:

1. Bag inverting machine

2. Flour sifter

3. Press

4. Mobile conveyor

5. Trabatto

6. Elevator

7. Preliminary drying chamber

8. Elevator

9. Drying chamber

10. Conveyor – stacker

11. Cooling conveyor

12. Elevator

13. Storage hoper

Pasta lines, developed by our specialists, have lots of advantages:

  • pasta lines produce high quality final product: matt thick-walled pasta;
  • equipment is intended for the round-the-clock operation mode and, produces a wide range of short-cut pasta; (переведено)
  • as a raw material it is possible t o use hard-wheat flour, soft-wheat flour and their mixture, what significantly expands the production potentialities;
  • as an energy source for the conveyor drying chamber electricity, gas or solid fuel could be used;
  • maintenance of the line is carried out by one person only;
  • modern materials and components, applied in production, provide the opportunity of the equipment exploitation in the continuous mode without appearance of any malfunctions during many years;
  • equipment complies with all technical and hygienic standards as well as safety standards;
  • using of modern sandwich-panels in the covering of drying chambers prevents heat losses, thereby providing with economical power consumption;
  • due to short payback period and favorable price, this type of pasta line is a good investment in business.

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Video of the automatic pasta line with the capacity 500 kg/h  in operation (Gwalior, India):

Technical features of automatic pasta lines:

  • safe design of pasta press;
  • deep vacuuming principle, applied in the press;
  • automatic dosing allows maintaining a stable quality of the products;
  • for liquid and paste additions a special batcher is foreseen;
  • multi-step drying mode allows getting the required moisture percent at the end;
  • using of high-speed two-stage mixing during dough preparation provides a high quality of pasta dough;
  • casing of drying chambers with sandwich-panels prevents heat losses;
  • two-stage drying process is implemented in a gentle mode providing further intactness of products.

Components of the leading world manufacturers are used in the production of the line. It represents one of the best samples of pasta line worldwide and complies with international quality standards.

Specifications of the pasta production line with the capacity 500 kg/h

Capacity, kg/h 500±15%
Water consumption for dough, l/h 100
Drying time, hours 4-6
Installed capacity, kW 100
Power consumption, kW 80
Installed capacity of the boiler, kсal/h 260.000
Power consumption of the boiler, kсal/h 130.000
Overall dimensions (length * width * height), mm 42000*3500*4500



Optionally pasta line could be completed  with the following equipment:

  • automatic device for flour transferring from silos to flour sifter;
  • extruder’s body cooling mechanism;
  • PLC-controllers of the pressing and drying machines;
  • packaging machine (automatic and semiautomatic);
  • solid fuel boiler;
  • additional extrusion dies for the production of various shape pasta;
  • extrusion die washing device;
  • lifting and tilting machine for bags with flour;
  • gas heat generator.

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Expansion of business inevitably requires an acquisition of high technological pasta machinery, the price of which will be compensated by a high capacity and long operation period.