A 500 kg/h pasta line was launched in Afghanistan.

Despite the turbulent political situation, the food industry in Afghanistan continues to develop. New factories are opening and existing facilities are being modernized.

UTFGROUP has been cooperating with the countries of the Middle East for a long time. The company has implemented a large number of projects in India, Nepal and the Central Asian republics.

Entering the Afghan market was another step towards expanding cooperation with the countries of the region.

A 500 kg/h pasta line was launched in Afghanistan. #0

The line launched in Afghanistan is a new project, developed on the basis of experience in operating UTFGROUP pasta equipment and current trends in the field of pasta production.

The line includes a newly designed drying chamber. Due to the increased number of drying zones with individual control of each of them, the possibilities for adjusting the drying process have expanded. This made it possible to improve the drying setting for various types of product.

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