UTF GROUP at the GULFOOD Manufacturing Exhibition 2019

UTF GROUP at the GULFOOD Manufacturing Exhibition 2019

The GULFOOD Manufacturing 2019 exhibition annually brings together leading representatives of the food industry from all over the Middle East, as well as countries in South Asia and East Africa.

This fast-growing and solvent region attracts food processing equipment manufacturers from around the world.

It is not the first year that UTF GROUP has taken part in this large-scale event. Presence at exhibitions of this level is part of the company’s policy aimed at consolidating its presence in key global markets.

UTF GROUP at the GULFOOD Manufacturing Exhibition 2019

Hundreds of exhibition guests visited our stand and got acquainted with the company’s products for the production of pasta and confectionery, flour snacks and national types of bread.

Our experts provided extensive consultations on the possibilities and advantages of the UTF GROUP food processing equipment.

The result of the exhibition, in addition to establishing business contacts with representatives of the food industry in the region, was new ideas and directions for the company to develop equipment for the production of several types of products popular in the region.

UTF GROUP participated in the GULFOOD Manufacturing 2019 exhibition with the assistance of the Ukrainian Export Promotion Office.

This cooperation was the first experience of our company working together with this state structure, which solves the problem of promoting Ukrainian industrial products to world markets.

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