Filo dough machines

Filo dough production line

UTF-GROUP manufactures equipment for the production of filo pastry, widely known for its use in such products as baklava, vertuta, spanakopita, strudel etc.


Filo dough is formed by a stretching of calibrated dough ribbon on a special device. The system of circular knives removes thick edges after stretching and forms a ribbon of stable width, what is convenient for subsequent operations.

Surface drying is performed depending on the capacity of the line in tunnel ovens, drying chambers and drying drums. This operation ensures the preservation of the shape and properties of the dough, absence of sticking when putting layers on each other.

The ready filo dough can be wound on special drums for its transportation to the ready product forming section or packaging as a semi-finished product.

Filo dough equipment UTF GROUP is
  • high quality of filo dough
  • accurate and easy adjustable thickness
  • wide product range
  • simple line control
  • speed control by frequency converter within wide limits
  • convenient cleaning

  • Very thin (thickness is less than 1 mm), almost transparent dough, popular all over the Mediterranean and the Balkans, is best known by its Greek name filo dough (also spelled phyllo, means leaf in Greek). It is the basis for traditional Greek, Turkish and Balkan multilayer confectionery products (baklava, strudels еtс) as well as for a large number of dishes with a filling (samsa, burek, vertuta etc.).


  • The small thickness and high plasticity of dough create difficulties both in its preparation and in the forming of finished products from it.
    Therefore, the machine production of filo dough is a difficult technical task – getting of a very thin continuous dough ribbon without breaks with stable thicknesses across the entire width.


  • Having many years of experience in manufacturing equipment working with different types of dough ribbon, UTF-GROUP was able to develop and begin manufacturing the equipment that confidently works with filo dough.
    For the convenient work at the stage of forming dough pieces, dough surface is dried.
    For the production of a wide range of pastry machines for feeding the filling, sprinkling, impregnation, folding and for other operations are used.

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