Grissini breadstick machines

Grissini and taralli production machines

UTF GROUP was the first company in the region to develop and manufacture machines for the production of various types of bread snacks, including traditional Italian snacks grissini and taralli, which have gained popularity all over the world.

Machines for the production of Grissini and taralli

Forming of the dough ribbon is performed by a screw extruder with an adjustable gap to change the thickness of the ribbon. Accurate thickness calibration is performed on the multiroller.

Forming of the dough strands of a given diameter is performed on multi-strand forming machines. To change the diameter of the strands it is necessary to change the cassette of forming machine. At a high capacity of the line and, accordingly, a large width of the dough ribbon, several machines are installed.

Producing of pieces of a given length is made on the guillotine, length adjustment is made remotely from the control panel.

To produce taralli, at the exit of the forming machines folding units are installed, which form taralli pieces from the strands made in the forming machine.

Baking of bread snacks can be performed continuously in a tunnel oven or on baking trays in rotary ovens.

When baking in a tunnel oven, it is possible to automatically feed the workpieces by a stacking conveyor directly onto the hearth of the oven. The width of the hearth and the length of the baking chamber are determined by the capacity of the line.

When baking in rotary ovens, the automatic laying of dough pieces on trays is ensured. Tray feeding can be done manually or automatically.

For cooling bread snacks after baking them in tunnel ovens, a conveyor belt with teflon nets is used. In order to reduce the occupied space, they can be multi-tiered, spiral, with cooling fans.

Grissini breadstick machines UTF-GROUP IS:
  • reduction or elimination of manual labor
  • high performance
  • delicate dough processing
  • production of breadsticks of various lengths and diameters
  • rapid change in the size of the workpiece
  • high level of food safety

  • Italian snacks such as bread sticks grissini, bread rings taralli, skaldatelli and many others are widely spread throughout the world.
    Grissini is the most popular snack: these crispy sticks of various sizes and flavors are widely represented on the shelves of shops.


  • Of course, machine snacks with a smooth surface differ from uneven handmade products, nevertheless, due to the high automation of the manufacturing process, simple packaging technology and, consequently, lower cost, they have become an attractive product for both manufacturers and consumers.
    To produce products with a structure characteristic of Italian snacks, it is necessary to ensure the delicate processing of the dough, as this should not break its air structure. To do this, the dough ribbon is formed by screw extruders, and the thickness calibration of the ribbon is made by multirollers.


  • Machine production of bread snacks is the production of dough pieces of a certain length, diameter and shape, followed by baking in rotary or tunnel ovens.

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