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Matzoh production line

UTF-GROUP, the leading manufacturer of industrial lines for the production of different types of flatbread in Eastern Europe, expanded the product range by the equipment for the production of matzoh.

Machines for the production of matzoh

Gas or electric tunnel oven is used for baking. The length and width of the oven is selected depending on the capacity of the line.

After the baking matzoh is cooled on the cooling conveyor; depending on the layout of the premises rotary, multitier conveyors or conveyor systems of various complete set can be used.

The forming of dough pieces is made from a calibrated dough ribbon. The dough ribbon is formed by a roller extruder with a transverse stacker, rolled on a three-modular rolling machine and fed to a knife conveyor table, where dough pieces are formed.

  • full automation of the production process from dough feeding to packaging
  • сompliance with the requirements to kosher matzoh production machines
  • easy operation and maintenance of the line
  • delivery and installation of equipment worldwide

  • There are many dishes, without which it is impossible to imagine certain religious rites and holidays. But only matzoh is the product the absence of which at the Easter table in the Jewish family leads to the violation of the sacred canons. The recipe of matzoh is the following: flour made from five types of cereal – wheat, spelt grain, barley, oats, rye – mixed with a liquid which is able to lead to fermentation, and baked before the fermentation process begins in dough.


  • For a long time, the production of matzoh using machines was prohibited. However, the growing need for it and the great complexity of the production process ultimately led to the acceptance of the possibility of producing matzoh on equipment. However, the attitude to matzoh as to not just a food, but as to an integral part of the religious ceremony, has tasked equipment manufacturers to comply with a large number of additional requirements, including the short duration of the production process (matzoh should be ready during not more than 18 minutes after mixing of flour with water), complete elimination even of a theoretical possibility of dough delay in the machine’s units, the possibility of manual control of the dough ribbon to exclude the falling of grains into dough and other requirements. Without fulfilling of all mentioned above it is impossible to get a kosher product which is worthy of an Easter table.


  • Having many years of experience in manufacturing equipment working with different types of dough ribbon, UTF-GROUP was able to develop equipment that meets the hardest requirements to the production of kosher matzo: • forming of dough ribbon with the possibility of its manual inspection before rolling; • a design that provides free passage of dough without getting stuck in the direction of movement; • high speed and capacity; • design of the oven optimized for baking national flatbreads; • and other technical solutions implemented in the production of line.

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