Papad production machines

Papad production lines

UTF-GROUP is one of the world's largest manufacturers of equipment for the production of national bread the whole variety of bread presented in India and other types of national bread. This is how automatic equipment is developed for papad production, appadam, happala, papad and other types of national bread which similar to them.

Machines for the production of papad

After drying, the conveyor system supplies the drying papad to the packaging machine. The design of the conveyors ensures maximum service life.

Papad blanks are formed from a dough tape that fits into the layers of a horizontal spreadsheet and is rolled out to a certain thickness. Dough blanks cut from the tape interchangeable cutting drums.

UTF-GROUP papad equipment is:
  • high performance
  • reduction of manual labor
  • advanced control system
  • operates 24 hours a day
  • equipment components from leading manufacturers
  • compliance with European hygiene requirements
  • India is a country of great cultural and national diversity, which generates an even greater diversity of national kitchen. One of the important elements on each table is the traditional national bread. And Indian is not an exception – there are dozens of kinds of bread in the country, which differ in the names, recipes, and preparing method.
    One of the bread types is papad – flatbread baked from flour obtained from Urdu, lentil, chickpea, rice, tapioca, and some other plants. There are many names and varieties – appalam, pappadam, appadam, happala, pappadum and others.

  • The final baked papad happens immediately before a meal when dry papad is fried in oil. the most difficult moments in the production process are flatbread. Traditionally, this was done by drying them in sun, but for machine production such a method is unacceptable and drying is carried out in drying chambers which hot air dries the dough pieces, ensuring high performance and quality of the resulting papad.

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